Thursday, July 21, 2016

Tommy Terrific Big Hit With Kids

The Winston County Library hosted two programs July 20 from 2-3 p.m. in the library meeting room that both entertained and informed children.

The first program was Tommy Terrific and his show "Baseball Magic," sponsored by Fair Propane and Gas. 

Tommy had more than 30 kids at the Winston County Library activating their minds and bodies with his fun, baseball-themed magic show. The program featured a huge Magic Trunk containing a very large Magician's Handbook. Inside the Magician's Handbook were exciting baseball-themed magic tricks. The kids had a ball with this fun interactive program. 

Following the magic show, the library hosted a short tobacco awareness program presented by Jacob Stout of the University Medical Center in Jackson. Jacob, a third year medical student, is completing his family medicine rotation with Dr. Sam Suttle. The program, called “Tar Wars” is sponsored by the AAFP, the American Association of Family Physicians.

"Tar Wars" is a national syndicated program designed to teach young children about the harm of tobacco and e-cigarettes.
The children were given straws and balloons and were told to run in place for one minute breathing through the straws. Then they were told to immediately blow up a balloon. “Not everyone made it” said Librarian Beth Edwards. “I was tired just watching them!” Jacob brought up a volunteer from the audience (shown top right) and showed the children where tobacco goes in your body – starting with your mouth, throat, lungs, stomach, bladder and your brain. At the end of the program, everyone got to come up and touch a blackened “lung” (actually a rubber imitation). When asked what they learned from the program, they all yelled “Don’t Smoke!”