Friday, August 5, 2016

Congressman Kelly Visits Louisville

U. S. Congressman Trent Kelly was in Louisville on Thursday in a public meeting at Lake Tiak OKhata. Kelly took the opportunity to answer questions posed by local citizens. Many questions centered around the upcoming presidential race, the state of the Donald Trump campaign and the support of many in the Republican Party. Kelly indicated that contrary to national media reports, the vast majority of Republicans in the Congress are strong backers of the candidate noting that only a handful of legislators have failed to pledge their support and unfortunately those legislators are receiving all the press coverage concerning their position.

Kelly indicated that contrary to the perception fostered by national media, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan supports Trump. Kelly said that while Ryan may not agree with everything the candidate says or does, there should be no question concerning his support of Trump’s candidacy.

Kelly also said that he was a strong supporter of Trump and believed that he would ultimately defeat Hillary Clinton in the general election.

The Congressman also fielded questions about the recent payment of $400 million by the executive branch to Iran and what he called the 4th branch of government. Kelly indicated that he believed the burden of rules and regulations created by federal agencies such as the EPA and FDA have gotten out of control and placed a burden upon small business and individual citizens across the country. He expressed concern that some agencies were seeking to be self-supporting by imposing fines that are collected and budgeted within the agencies. Kelly believes that this procedure encouraged more regulation and fines and interfered with the congressional oversight of such agencies.