Thursday, August 11, 2016

DirecTV Refuses New Contract To Carry WTVA

Press Release:
(Tupelo, Mississippi – August 10, 2016) DirecTV has refused to come to terms on a new contract to carry WTVA-TV, and North Mississippi’s local NBC and ABC affiliate was dropped from DirecTV service on Wednesday, August 10 at 10:59 p.m. when the current agreement expired.

Over the past four months, WTVA’s parent company, Heartland Media, has repeatedly tried to reach a new long-term retransmission consent agreement with DirecTV. However, DirecTV has rejected all proposals. DirecTV customers no longer receive WTVA’s top rated local news, weather, sports and emergency information, in addition to the popular NBC and ABC network and syndicated shows. WTVA has successfully reached agreements with every other major cable, satellite and telecommunications company in its operating market, except for DirecTV. All other providers in North Mississippi have agreed to similar fair market deals to carry the locally-produced programming and content that WTVA provides every day to their viewers.

“Local television stations are an important part of this community,” said Jerry Jones, WTVA Vice President & General Manager. “The breaking news, weather, and emergency information we provide every day helps keep our viewers safe. We are a local business, like many others—providing good jobs, trying to grow our local economy, working with our many business partners, and helping critical charities all across North Mississippi. We're proud of our locally-produced news and programming, and it is the most watched on satellite and cable. WTVA has successfully reached agreements with every other satellite and cable provider in our area, and we are continuing to negotiate with DirecTV to try and restore service to DirecTV’s customers. We hope they will recognize the value that WTVA brings to their service.”

In the event DirecTV does not agree to an new contract to carry WTVA, viewers can continue to receive their local news and top-rated programming by watching WTVA over-the-air by antenna on channel 9.1 and 9.2, or by switching to a local cable or satellite provider such as DISH Network, Comcast, Charter, Cable One, MaxxSouth or any other cable system in your local area.

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