Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Louisville Resident Turns 100 Years Old

Icedora Ball Celebrates 100th Birthday With Family

Icedora Ball (photo courtesy of Elmetra Patterson)

On July 16, 1916, Mrs. Icedora Ball was born, which was 100 years ago. She celebrated her 100th Birthday at her home with family in Louisville, MS. Upon the arrival of some guest, she was very happy but wanted someone to comb, brush and braid her hair. However, she was shocked that no one present could braid, therefore, she settled for an Afro which she thought was funny but cute. Mrs. Ball was visited by her nephew Willie James Jones and his family: wife, Vivian, daughter, KaWanda, son, Keith. Another nephew Harvey and his wife Cariole Jones visited from Vicksburg, MS. Mrs. Ball enjoyed food that was bought and prepared by her great niece KaWanda who is an RN in Memphis, TN. The greatest moment at the party was when Mrs. Ball opened the card with a $100. bill from Willie James and family. Nothing else was important after that – not even the food. The food included BBQ ribs, fried chicken, catfish, potatoes salad, green salad, baked beans, and a beautiful birthday cake for the birthday feast. The daughters of Betsy Ann Eichelberger were present – Elmetra, Mattie, Barbara and Lorenda. She and Mrs. Eichelberger who is about to be 98 years old have been friends for years. Also, present was Carolyn Thames and Jayden Henley, grandson of Barbara Coleman.

L to R: Nephew Willie James Jones (Coahoma, MS), KaWanda Jones (Memphis, TN), Icedora and son, Ulysses Ball, Jr., Keith Jones (Brandon, MS), Vivian Jones (Coahoma, MS), Harvey and Cariole Jones (not pictured of Vicksburg, MS), Willie Karl Jones (not pictured of Laurel, MS) (photo courtesy of Elmetra Patterson)