Monday, August 1, 2016

Once A Gardener Always A Gardener

The Winston County Master Gardeners are proud to present the honor of “yard of the month” for August to Melba Pearson of 2301 McLeod Road. Melba had to start a brand new Garden two years ago after the devastating tornado blew away her home, gardens, car, and two brand new lawn mowers. Starting over was certainly heart breaking, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Melba said that her other yard was large and difficult to maintain on her own. So when she rebuilt, she downsized her house and gardens. 
Melba loves gardening better than anything in the world, and she plans to continue doing it as long as she is able.

Melba does her own yard work with the help of her “yard man” who happens to be her son-in-law and lives right next door. Buster McAdory, the “yard man,” helped Melba start her new garden by moving all her large Mississippi sand rock from her old home on Brooksville Road to her new location on McLeod. After the tornado, Melba ask her son-in-law about the condition of her house. His response, “What house?”

So began her new gardening venture using her old sand rock to border her new home and flower beds. The new yard is now so beautiful that one would never guess it was only two years old.

One of Melba’s favorite plants is the Bougainvillea. She has three of these tropical plants displayed on top of poles at her entryway. They trail down and strikingly vivid shades of pink and purple. The beautiful yard pops with all the colors of the rainbow. Purple heart, homestead verbena, and salvia represent the blues and indigo. Red and yellow cannas grow among a hedge of limelight hydrangeas on one side of the house. Hibiscus grow in shades of orange, yellow, red, and a rare white. Red and pink roses dominate the backyard. There are several pots of portulaca that represent all colors. 

Hummingbirds and butterflies flit from bloom to bloom flashing their own brilliant shades. Visit Melba's garden and enjoy the show. It is a feast for your eyes.