Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Winston County Master Gardeners September Yard of the Month

Dog Days of summer are truly here (deep sigh). One look at our potted plants certainly confirms this to most of us! And to make it worse, we are tired... tired of watering, tired of pruning, tired of looking at the bloomed out geraniums and those collapsed minion bells!

Not so much evidence of these Dog Days, however, at September's Yard of the Month, the lovely home of Shirley Carr Glenn on 111 Warner Street. Shirley loves container gardening because of the low maintenance and bang for the buck. Her containers are still beautiful, loaded with cascading begonias and petunias.

Before returning to Louisville, where she is currently a nurse at Winston County Medical Center, Shirley was a traveling nurse. The first time she ever drove on the interstate, Shirley was headed for a nursing job in Lubbock, Texas, with the words of her son telling her to "stay in the right lane" ringing in her ears! What a spirit of adventure!

As busy as she is, Shirley still enjoys gardening and offers this gardening advice for these Dog Days: Do not slack off on watering (no matter how tired of it you are). Do not forego grooming and feeding your potted plants. And lastly, buy and add new additions to your pots to get through the end of summer and into the fall. Consider adding some of these late season container plant picks..all beauties: zinnia, heuchera, yarrow, petunia, marigold, and lantana.

Stop by this lovely yard and look around! It is a joy, as well as a tribute to a busy lady who maintains her spirit of adventure and her ability to help others, and still surrounds herself with living, growing, blooming beauty!

Rebecca Byrd Gravett