Friday, September 9, 2016

Board of Supervisors Establish Fire Grading District

Officials in Winston County continue to work to establish fire grading districts across the county. The Betheden fire grading district was established recently. They are now working on establishing a fire grading district for the volunteer fire departments at Nanih Waiya, Shiloh, East Winston, High Point and Mars Hill. The only remaining volunteer fire departments which will be considered at a future date are Lobutcha and Noxapater .

The petitions to establish these fire grading districts have been in place and there are sufficient signatures and ultimately these districts will need to be incorporated. After discussion the Winston County Board of Supervisors voted to establish a public hearing on October 3 to further the process. The goal for fire grading districts is the hope to lower the fire grade rating which will in turn provide the opportunity to reduce insurance cost for home and property owners in that district.