Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Polo Custom Products Expanding in Louisville, Creating 30 Jobs

Local employer Polo Custom Products announced Monday a planned expansion that should bring 30 additional jobs to Louisville. With Governor Phil Bryant in attendance at the facility in Louisville, company executive Karla Clem announced a $150,000 expansion.

The plant currently employs 160 workers locally.

Clem said, "It means a great deal to our associates, to the city, to us and our customers. We’re excited to be able to commit to at least 30 jobs and have lots of opportunity for even further expansion beyond that."

Governor Bryant showed his support for the expansion and continued economic development across the state. "I want you to remember how much it means to all of us, how much it means to know that it is manufactured in America, that it is manufactured here in Mississippi so all the world will know we can continue that great tradition of manufacturing process that made America strong."

The company is the total source for original equipment manufacturers in the medical, fire and safety, government and defense and industrial markets along with products for Harley Davidson.