Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Tres Gondoleros Live at The Lake--Oct. 1

Live at The Lake Saturday October 1st.
Burnt Orange Studio, City of Louisville, Chamber of Commerce and Lake Tiak O'Khata proudly presents.

Comprised of Mark Goldbeck of Jefferson City, MO on piano and vocals, Fernando Alois of Caracas Venezuela on guitar and vocals, and Bubba Cheese (aka Michael Freed) of Baltimore, MD on drums and vocals. United at Mississippi State University in the early ‘90’s the trio has played throughout the southeast in various bands and combinations for nearly 25 years including Memphis’ Beale St and New Orleans’ House of Blues and Tipitinas.

Tres Gondoleros is an offshoot of their most recent collaboration, The Gondoliers, which performs as a five-piece band and has recorded the 2011 EP “On and On” and contributed original tracks to the 2012 Golden Triangle compilation “Hodgepodge” and to the 2016 compilation “After Bethel” all available on iTunes and most other online music outlets. 

Tres Gondoleros performs a variety of classic and modern rock covers as well as samples of their original works.
Buffet at 5:30pm and music starts at 6:30pm.
Live at The Lake is free to enter, so have a nice dinner at The Lake then step outside to the pavilion for some free live music. Drinks will be served.