Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Winston County To Get New Communication System

The upgrade of the radio communication system in Winston County appears to be a reality. Today Winston County Supervisors opened bids for the lease purchase financing of a new radio system. After review, the board approved an agreement with Bancorp South for a five-year lease purchase at 2.06% interest for the amount of $6,143.91 per month. This is based upon an amount of $350,000.

Later in the meeting, supervisors heard from Emergency Management Director Buddy King who indicated that the State Wireless Communication Commission had approved their plan as of last Wednesday and that the tentative cost for 150 Motorola handheld units and two dispatch stations with 4-channel capability each would cost $344,163.29. These units would have a three (3) year warranty. One mil has been added to the upcoming  county budget to help pay for this, however,  he noted that it may be possible that some of these costs may be reimbursable through FEMA or MEMA funding for hazard mitigation causes.

King noted that there are several organizational things that need to be completed, including proper programming of the radios for the different departments and decisions on the dispersal of the radios and responsibilities. Radios could be purchased and be available for use in as early as 6 to 8 weeks.