Monday, September 26, 2016

WMC Employee of the Month September 2016

Winston Medical Center recently awarded Lisa Luke, Respiratory Therapist with "Employee of the Month." Lisa resides in Neshoba County. She is married to Donnie Luke and they have a daughter, Ashton Luke. Lisa has been employed at Winston Medical Center for two years.

Employees are nominated based on their overall performance by his or her peers. The term "PASSIT" stands for performance, accountability, stewardship, service, and teamwork.

Here is what a few of Lisa's co-workers had to say about her:

Performance- Lisa's performance in the workplace is outstanding and exceeds far above and beyond her specific point of care. Her dedication to her job and fellow employees is truly unmatched. Her kind and gentle spirit and her willingness to help others is what sets her apart. She wants to be busy! She is committed to making Winston Medical Center the best place for their patients.

Accountability- Lisa always has a positive attitude and works well with others. She is a woman of integrity and is always aware and willing to help all departments, as well as her own, work together for a common goal, to have quality outcomes for all patients.

Service- Lisa is always ready and willing to be a servant to others. If she identifies the need she will go above and beyond her call to duty to help others, even cleaning up without being asked! She truly embodies a spirit of volunteerism.

Stewardship- Lisa is dedicated to Winston Medical Center but more importantly she is dedicated to doing everything possible to help every patient. She does not see a patient as a specific department but treats them as though she is there to help care for all patients. Lisa does her job with a smile and an honor to be a part of the Winston Medical Center team. She gladly shares her time and abilities to help other employees and departments deliver better quality care for our patients.

Integrity- Lisa is honest and strives to do what is best for her patients. She encourages others by example to do things "the right way", with integrity.

Teamwork- When Lisa is not working in Respiratory, she assist in the Emergency Room, Radiology department, and wherever else help is needed. She is there to help whether it be changing beds, cleaning floors, or assisting with patient admission. I have personally witnessed and have had several of my staff to mention Lisa very favorably. She is truly the definition of PASSIT and an example of what we would like every employee at Winston Medical Center to be like.

Winston Medical Center congratulates Lisa Luke for being our Employee of the Month.