Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Winston County Supervisors Approve Night Club Ordinance

The Winston County Board of Supervisors had a very busy agenda on Monday, October 17th. Here are some of the highlights of their meeting:

After discussion, the Board approved a name change of the Landfill Road. Outside the city limits of Louisville, the road is known as Landfill Road but within the city limits, it is known as Ivy Avenue. To prevent confusion, the Board of Supervisors agreed to change the name to Ivy Avenue in the county as well. The board also approved a name change for a private road.

Board members listened to a presentation from a company to do online tax sales for the County in the future. Currently tax sales are done within the courthouse and an online option would possibly increase revenue to the county. This matter is under further discussion.

After review, the Board also approved an ordinance to regulate nightclub hours of operation within the county. The Winston County Sheriff's Office in cooperation with the County Attorney has reviewed similar ordinances in other counties and presented a comprehensive option to the Board. Numerous complaints about the operation of clubs long into the morning hours and with some security issues has prompted the Board to take action.

The new ordinance requires that clubs can no longer operate past the hour of 1 a.m. and that by 1:30 all customers must have left the property. The ordinance applies to existing and new businesses within the county and requires security to be provided by the club as well.

The Board also authorized the Board President to sign documents for the lease purchase of Emergency Management radios. This purchase was approved in a previous board meeting.

Tax Assessor, Darlene Bane, provided some additional information to the Board concerning several issues including concerns about the Talladega Watershed Taxing District and irregularities in some assessments. She also provided the Board with a delinquent mobile home list and delinquent personal property list. Bane noted that these lists represented several hundred thousand dollars in tax money to the County. Said Bane, “ When someone doesn't pay their taxes,we are in effect paying them on their behalf. The Board reviewed and asked for more options on methods to collect these taxes.