Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Aldermen Receive Updates on Winston Plywood & Street/Drainage Projects

The Louisville Board of aldermen met in a regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday night November
LPD Chief L.M. Claiborne (l) and Asst,. Chief Andy Taylor (c)
present service weapon to Gerald Hayes (r)
1st. Here are some of the highlights from that meeting:

The board held hearings on two unclean properties. Both properties were found to be in violation of city code and the owners have until November 15th to clean the properties or the city will take action and bill the property owners. The properties include 790 North Columbus Avenue and 501 Metts Street.

Mayor Will Hill inform the board that the Winston Plywood Project was 99% complete with a few construction issues to resolve but that these issues do not hinder the operation of the plant. Hill noted that operation is underway and product is going out of the facility. At this time, the Plant is employing 243 individuals.

The Board also heard from Elena Lovorn who is serving in her second year as Mayor of the Mayor's Youth Council in Louisville. She informed the board of the upcoming Council Summit to be held at Delta State next year.

Mayor Hill also inform the Board that the street and drainage projects that have been delayed for an extended period of time due to FEMA regulations is now almost ready to begin. A contractor has been selected and subcontractors may begin on some of the drainage projects as early as next week. Completion of these phases will be dependent upon the weather over the next few months.

The Board and the Louisville Police Department took the opportunity to correct an issue related to the retirement of Gerald Hayes from the Louisville Police Department in 2014. Hayes' retirement came immediately after the April 2014 tornado and in the turmoil that followed, Hayes did not receive the opportunity to obtain his service weapon which is typical upon retirement of police officers. Police Chief L.M.Claiborne and Assistant Chief Andy Taylor presented the weapon to Hayes at the end of the board meeting.

The board also adopted a purchasing policy for the city that falls in line with state purchasing requirements, authorized payment to Century Construction for work on the landfill, authorized to advertisement for a bank depository for City funds, accepted the resignation of Police Officer Kevin Rushing and provided authorization to advertise for employment of a new officer.