Saturday, December 3, 2016

Public Service Commission Chairman Brandon Presley Applauds 20-year License Renewal of Grand Gulf Nuclear Power Plant

On Thursday, December 1, 2016, the Grand Gulf Nuclear Facility located in Port Gibson, Mississippi received a 20-year license extension from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Grand Gulf, which generates wholesale power for Entergy, produces enough power to equal almost 20 percent of the total energy demand in Mississippi. Today, Grand Gulf is the most affordable source of baseload electric energy in Mississippi as well as one of the cleanest sources of energy in regards to the environment.

Grand Gulf Nuclear Plant opened in 1985 and was originally licensed to operate for 40 years. Recognizing a need for the facility, in 2011, Entergy filed an early application to extend their license for 20 additional years. A major upgrade of the facility in 2012 increased the plant’s efficiency and generation by about 13 percent. This upgrade made Grand Gulf Nuclear Facility the largest single-unit nuclear power plant in the country and the fifth largest in the world. Grand Gulf will continue operations through the year 2044, two decades past the original licensing date.

“As an advocate for nuclear power, I am proud to see Grand Gulf’s license extended for two decades. My walk-through of the plant earlier this year reconfirmed to me the pride we as Mississippians should take in this largest-in-the-country plant. This extension will allow rates to remain low and affordable for the people of Mississippi for the next 20 years. I thank Entergy and the NRC for their hard work to extend the life of this plant,” said Chairman Brandon Presley.