Monday, December 5, 2016

Walk-A-Weigh Program Focuses on Physical Activity, Healthy Eating and Chronic Disease Control and Prevention

Walk-a-Weigh, an award-winning weight control program emphasizing the importance of physical activity and healthy eating will be offered by the Winston County Mississippi State University Extension Service.

“The Dietary Guidelines emphasize that long-term weight loss is a combination of healthy eating AND regular physical activity,” according to Connie Crawley, nutrition and health specialist with the University of Georgia College of Family and Consumer Sciences. “Also, risk for chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease are reduced when people are physically active most days of the week. Even those who already have chronic diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes control them better when they eat healthy foods and get active.”

The Walk-a-Weigh Program will begin January 17, 2017 at 5:30 pm the Winston County Extension Office. Classes will meet weekly through April 4, 2017. They will be led by Tracy Gregory, Family & Consumer Science Extension Agent. Each session will feature a brief presentation on some aspect of weight control and wellness along with a sampling of a lower calorie recipe and time for the group to exercise together. PRE-REGISTRATION IS A MUST!Pre-registration will be held all day on Monday, December 12 and on Monday, January 9 at the Winston County Extension Office located at 460 Vance Street. A fee of $10 will be required to cover the cost of supplies.

Participants will also be encouraged to walk as teams between sessions. For more information call 662-773-3091. The deadline for enrollment is Monday, January 9.