Monday, December 19, 2016

Winston County Sheriff Makes Burglary Arrests

Recent arrests by the Winston County Sheriff’s Department could resolve a number of burglary cases across the county in recent weeks. Two different arrests in two distinct sets of burglaries have resulted in evidence, some recovery of stolen property and some initial confessions to a number of crimes in Winston and possibly Noxubee County.

In one case, Austin Smyly, age 20, and Lexie Butler, 21, were arrested on 11/29 and charged in connection with a burglary on Moody-Nance Road in Winston County. Angie Tucker, age 39, was also charged as an accessory. These individuals are currently out on bond.

In the most recent cases, Thomas Shelton, age 23, and Katie Henley,33, were arrested at the Winston County Medical Center on Tuesday (12-13) after seeking medical attention for Shelton for an ankle injury. Upon reporting to the ER, the nurse on duty recognized the suspects from news reports. The Winston County Sheriff's Office provided information on the suspects to the public through local news sources and social media on the prior Monday. Both subjects are being held at the Winston County Correctional Facility pending charges of burglary. Shelton is held on a $50,000 bond and Henley is held on a $30,000 bond.

Winston County Sheriff Jason Pugh indicates that a possible eyewitness identification ties Shelton to a burglary on Hwy 490 and the recovery of a number of items found in Shelton and Henley’s possession link them to other thefts in the county including a burglary on Brooksville Road. The Sheriff’s Department continues to investigate and believe the pair may be linked to other burglaries and larceny in Winston and Noxubee County. Pugh noted that there are pending warrants for other suspects in Noxubee County for burglary and receiving stolen goods.

Law enforcement believe that there are no connections between Smyly/Butler and Shelton/Henley.

Pugh reminds local citizens to take necessary precautions with their property, advising those in rural areas to lock vehicle doors and storage buildings, check their property on a regular basis, use a security system if possible and to not post information on social media that would indicate that you are out of town or away from your property for an extended period of time.