Thursday, August 17, 2017

Jesus’ Day 2017 at Holy Ghost Temple

Rev. Lorene Guyse, Pastor
The Annual Jesus Day was held at Holy Ghost Temple, Sunday, August 6, 2017, Rev. Lorene Guyse, pastor. Jesus Day was founded in this area over by Rev. Charlie Davis, Friendship MB Church of Ackerman, MS who announced during the occasion, “Every day is Jesus Day but today is a special Jesus Day. We have a special day for everything else, now we have a special day for Jesus.” Jesus Day is celebrated the 1st Sunday of August yearly either at Friendship MB Church or Holy Ghost Temple. Next year it will be at Bethel MB Church with Rev. Ivory McDaniel.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Winston Medical Center Awarded MHA Outstanding Mississippi Small Rural Hospital Award

Mississippi Hospital Association President, Jim Moore presenting Winston Medical Center CEO Paul Black the Outstanding Mississippi Small Rural Hospital Award on Friday, August 11, 2017.

News Bits: Popsicle Ride/Traffic Signals and a Fatal Accident

**The Sturgis Motorcycle ride is scheduled for this weekend. Bikers will visit Louisville on Friday afternoon for what has become known as the traditional Popsicle Ride.

Local NAACP President now MS Interim State Conference President

After attending the National NAACP Convention in Baltimore, MD, July 22-26, 2017, Charles Hampton returned as the Interim President of the Mississippi State Conference NAACP whose office is in Jackson, MS. 

He filled the position of the previous president Derrick Johnson who became Interim National President and CEO. The theme this year is ‘Steadfast and Immovable’. Basically, that is what these two Mississippians have proven to be.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

New Quilt Display For The Month Of August at The Winston Co. Library

Come by the Winston County Library during August and September to see the beautiful quilt on display. Called “Chinese New Year”, it was pieced by Martha Dubard and quilted by Dot Livingston.

Monday, August 14, 2017

City Of Louisville Meeting Agenda- August 15, 2017


TUESDAY, AUGUST 15, 2017  



    1. Acknowledge the three Police Academy graduates: Glenda Sherrod, Dylan Alford, Steffan McCall  
    2. Library Update by Beth Edwards
    3. Hearing on Unclean Property- 25 South Jones Ave., owned by Johnny McNeal, 151283403 0100600
    4. PW104-6  Traffic Signals: Bids  
    5. Authorize the Mayor to sign the contract for professional GIS services with Golden Triangle Planning and Development
    6. Request for Robert Hutto to attend Fire Training Chiefs Conference on October 25-26 in Biloxi, registration $135, travel allowance, meals, lodging
    7. Request for Kayla Rogers to attend the Court Clerks Fall Conference on September 6-8, in Tunica- advance travel allowance will be reimbursed
    8. MML Small Town Conference in Oxford on October 25-26
    9. Notice of 2 Economic Development Board three year appointments which end 9-30-17: Wilson Webb is a joint city and county appointee and John Coleman is a city appointee



I, DARLENE BANE, Tax Collector of the County of Winston in said State of Mississippi, will sell on the last Monday of August, A. D. 2017 (August 28, 2017) at 1:00 P.M. at the Courthouse of said County, in the Town of Louisville, Mississippi to the highest bidder or bidders for cash, if any be, all the following described lands, situated in said County, on which the taxes remain unpaid at the date, to-wit: Interest, cost, and damages are included.  

To view the list online - please click here

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Sanders Completes Law Enforcement Training

Detrick Sanders recently completed a twelve week Law Enforcement Training Course held at Mississippi Delta Community College. Sanders is a member of the Louisville Fire Department and a Reserve Deputy with the Winston County Sheriff's Office.  Sanders is shown here with Chief Deputy Keith Alexander and Sheriff Jason Pugh of the Winston County Sheriff's Office

Friday, August 11, 2017

News TidBits from Week of August 7-11

Improvements continue at the Louisville/Winston County Airport. A recent grant approval from
the FAA will allow the airport to repair and redo the ramp area. Bids on the project have been accepted and the work is scheduled to start in October after the air show. Work is expected to be completed by Christmas.  The $175,000 grant plus discretionary funds and funds already in place at the airport will help pay for the project.

In more airport news, the date has been set for this year's Wings Over Winston Air Show. The free event will be held on October 7th at the Louisville/Winston County Regional Airport. More promotional information will become available soon.

We recently reported that the storm shelters located at the temporary hospital location are now county property. In Monday's board meeting, supervisors agreed to the final of four locations for the shelters. They include: the Noxapater Fire Department, Beat 1 Barn , Beat 3 Barn and at Dean Park near the Center Ridge Community. The shelters have yet to be moved.  Some site prep will be required at some of these locations. No timeline has yet been established.

The tax roll for 2017 has been finalized and approved by the Winston County Board of Supervisors . Still at issue is the status of Winston Plywood. Pending confirmation from the state level, the new industry's tax status is uncertain. The property may be tax exempt from City and County taxes yet required to pay school taxes or a fee in lieu option is on the table which would lower the taxes owed by the company but disperse it between the city and the county and the school.

Speaking of Taxes - The tax sale for unpaid 2016 property taxes will take place on August 28 at the Winston County Courthouse. A list of unpaid taxes will be published here on WinstonWebNews on Monday morning.

Parking was the topic of conversation at a town hall meeting held on Tuesday at Louisville City
Hall. A group of business owners, most from Main Street in Louisville participated in a meeting concerning parking issues and future changes in development in the four block area that constitutes the central business district of Louisville. Most considered parking issues to be a good problem to have - noting that it indicated activity in the area. Most of the issues stem from employee and owner parking not on Main Street but in areas behind stores. Concern about robbery, safety and access were the main topics. Mayor Will Hill and Economic Development Director Glen Haab took the opportunity to detail some ongoing and future plans for the community. Haab detailed some information about a grant called the Brownfield Grant which provides funds for business owners who have environmental issues with their property. The grant allows funding for testing and remedial action to correct the problem.

Enrollment remained steady in the Louisville Municipal School District for the 2017/2018 school year. At the beginning of the school year, total enrollment across the district includes 2831 students.The following is the breakdown by school: Fair Elementary - 422, Louisville Elementary - 504, Eiland Middle School - 443, Louisville High School - 498, Noxapater- 392, Nanih Waiya- 572.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Popsicle Run-Aug. 18

The Annual Popsicle Run will roll through Louisville on Friday, August 18, 2017 beginning at 6 pm. The bikers will begin their run on N. Columbus Ave.  heading south to the  Monument, then West on Main turning right on N. Church down to Ball Dr. then on to Ivy to the Louisville Coliseum.

The Louisville Lions Club will supply water and popsicles to the bikers. Everyone get your lawn chairs out, grab the kids and line the route to watch and support the Popsicle Run!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Animals Available At The Louisville Animal Shelter

These lovable guys are up for adoption at the Louisville Animal Shelter located on 110 Thompson St. For more information on them or any other animals at the shelter, please call 662-773-3420. These babies need a forever home with a loving family!

Snow white
2. Snow White : Female, very sweet girl. about a year old.

3. Travis : Male, very sweet, 1 or 2 years old.. 


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Large Crowd Attends Human Trafficking Program in Louisville

Human trafficking is second only to the drug trade as the largest criminal activity in the world.
Estimates indicate that there are 100 to 300 thousand at risk children in the United States alone. Particularly at risk are girls from the ages of 12 to 14 and boys from the ages of 9 to 12.  Last year there were 31000 cases prosecuted in the United States.

Human trafficking was the topic of conversation on Monday night as Jodi Dyess of Free International spoke to a large group at the First United Methodist Church in Louisville.

Dyess is the Student Outreach Awareness Director for the organization based in Las Vegas, although Dyess is a native of Mississippi. The organization conducts assemblies across the country in schools in an attempt to reach at-risk children and to educate the public. 

Dyess was quick to point out the difference between human trafficking and human smuggling. Trafficking involves the coercion by fraud or force of individuals for labor or sex purposes against their will or for those under age. Dyess noted that unfortunately, familial trafficking is one of the largest problems and is usually tied to drug use and abuse by parents. 

He indicated there were several signs to look for when concerned about a child or a person who may be a victim of human trafficking. This includes: unexplained absences from school or work, changes in behavior, sudden access to money, changes in appearance and dress and signs of depression or withdrawal. Dyess indicated that for most of us, the best thing we can do when we suspect a case of human trafficking is to contact authorities. 

Two specific hotlines were provided in the training: the Human Trafficking Hotline is 1-888-3737-888 and while this is a national number it will provide almost immediate contact with local authorities. In Mississippi, the number for Mississippi Child Protective Services is 1-800-222-8000. To find out more about human trafficking and the group Free International, you may visit their website at

2017 NAACP National Scholarship Winners

The Winston County Branch NAACP delegates to the National NAACP Convention in Baltimore, MD, July 23, 2017, wanted to jump out of their seats when they saw three of their Youth Council Members’ names float by on the teleprompter as winners of the Agnes Jones Scholarship. Carolyn Hampton, chairperson of the Women in the NAACP (WIN) of the Winston County Branch, quickly texted to inform of this history making news. According to local records, Montana, Asia and Markiaa are the first students from Winston County to win a National NAACP scholarship which is offered to graduating high school students as well as undergraduate and graduate students up to 26 years of age. Asia received $2,000, Montana $1,000, and Markiaa $750.

2017 Chyna Unique Willis Scholarship Presented to Asia Eichelberger

R to L: Montana Eichelberger, last year’s winner, presents the scholarship to her sister Asia
(photo courtesy of Elmetra Patterson)

Asia Antranelia Eichelberger was presented the Chyna Unique Willis Scholarship, Saturday, June 24, 2017, at the Calvary Apostolic Church, Louisville, MS. with Elder James Young as the pastor. The theme for the 2016 Scholarship presentation was “Born to Lead”. Chyna’s mother, Kenisha Hughes and last year’s winner, Montana Eichelberger presented the scholarship. Montana is the sister of Asia Eichelberger. Asia Eichelberger graduated from LHS as an honor student May 2017 as #11 in her class. She will attend University of Mississippi-Oxford in September 2017 to pursue a degree in Business Management. Asia is the daughter of Paul and Rita Eichelberger; granddaughter of Johnny K. Jackson and Betsy Ann Eichelberger.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Winston County to Provide Severe Weather Warning Notifications with CodeRED Weather Warning

In November of 2015, Winston County began using the CodeRED Weather Warning Service.  CodeRED Weather Warning is a free to the user, weather warning product that taps into the National Weather Service’s Storm Based Warnings. CodeRED automatically alerts affected citizens in the path of severe weather just moments after a warning has been issued. Calls are delivered so quickly they often arrive prior to any other public notifications.

Local citizens have been able to enroll in the system since November 2015 and many have done so, but there are many others who have not yet taken advantage of this free service. Local Businesses are encouraged to enroll as well.  When residents enroll to receive CodeRED Weather Warning notifications, they can select the types of alerts they would like to receive, that include severe thunderstorm warnings, tornado warnings and flash flood warnings.

Alerts can come to your cell phone, home phone (landline), as a text message or as an email or all of the above. 

The CodeRED link can be found on the following websites:

Direct Link - Click Here  

Local Law Enforcement Attend MLEOTA Training

On August 2, 2017, three officers from the Louisville Police Department graduated from the Mississippi Law Enforcement Officers Training Academy’s Basic Police Class. Officer Dylan Wayne Alford, Officer Glenda Faye Sherrod, Officer Charles Steffan McCall are pictured here.

MLEOTA’s Basic Law Enforcement Officer Training consists of a twelve (12) week course of instruction offered to new full-time, sworn officers of municipal, county, and state law enforcement agencies.

According to the Mississippi Minimum Standards Training Act, the courses offered are a well-rounded program of instruction in practical police knowledge. Upon successful completion of this program, the student will have received training in a wide range of law enforcement programs. Each student will receive an opportunity to certify in many basic police skills such as firearms, defensive driving. Qualified staff members and associate instructors from local, state, and federal agencies teach classes in their areas of expertise. Students may receive college credit upon successful completion of the twelve (12) week basic training.

The curriculum is challenging; the purpose being to make each student aware of his or her individual abilities and to teach the student how to work with other officers to achieve specific training goals. MLEOTA stresses cleanliness, neat appearance, courtesy, cooperation, and responsible actions in a disciplined atmosphere. Dress codes in the applications are mailed for each designated school. The applicant must begin preparing mentally for a challenging academic program consisting of nine weekly tests and a final exam.

The applicants should prepare physically for a demanding physical conditioning and defensive tactics training program. History has shown that students who have poor reading and writing skills and students who are more than 20 pounds overweight have great difficulty in this program unless they begin early to prepare themselves. BLEOST requires basic students pass academics, driving, firearms, physical training, and defensive tactics.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

All Our Pets By Meryl Wiygul

Dear Meryl:  We dread this time of year because we start scratching.  Warm weather brings out the flea and tick hatches and we are miserable.  Our owners don’t seem to care.  Could you help us convince them that we need help? Thanks.  Jake, Scout, and Allie

Don’t you just hate the constant scratching? Fleas and ticks are a major problem not only for dogs and cats, but also potentially for their owners. 

There are over 2000 varieties of fleas. One female can produce in excess of 2000 eggs in her lifetime. As the black (bubonic) plague demonstrated, fleas occasionally have negative consequences for humans also, whether the vector is a cat, a dog, or a rodent. And flea allergies are a frequent side effect of flea infestations. Additionally, tapeworms are passed via fleas. Vacuuming will help especially if you put mothballs or a piece of a flea collar in the vacuum cleaner bag to kill the fleas but you must deal with the animal itself, especially here in the south where they thrive.
Ticks are even worse. They can be found on dogs, cats, horses, any warm-blooded animal. Several human diseases commonly result from the bite of infected ticks including Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (my owner had that and she says it was not a picnic), Lyme disease, and Ehrlichiosis. Even light infestations can cause a temporary paralysis in the dog as the toxins from the infected ticks’ saliva enter the blood stream. Cure for that is removing the ticks but curing the human diseases is much more difficult.

The big dog ticks you commonly see and the little deer tick are culprits for the several tick-borne diseases.

So what do you tell your owners to do? Well, control is much easier than it used to be. We used to get dipped every Sunday and then the yard was sprayed and the house was routinely "bombed.” It was a pain. Now we get a monthly treatment of a topical flea/tick preparation and our cat friends get the same. If you don’t treat the cats (who don’t seem to scratch as much), then the cat will hand off its fleas to the dogs. Good topical treatments, which spread throughout the oil released by the skin, are Frontline Plus, Advantage, and several others. There are some products such as permethrin that are cheaper and can be bought at “big box” stores but permethrin is a much shorter-acting product and will also wash off if the dog gets wet. The better products will make it through a dip in the pond or a bath with a mild dog shampoo. There are a couple of products that combine flea control and heartworm prevention but they do not take care of ticks. In our household, the first of every month means we get a separate heartworm pill and our flea/tick treatment. If you have a cat that spends time outside, use a product such as Revolution and Advantage Plus that treats both heartworms and fleas. However, this year the ticks are an even bigger problem than usual so we have changed to a pill that
really works on ticks (and fleas). The one we are using is called Bravecto. Expensive but lasts 90 days. Given the danger of human tick diseases, you may find it worth the cost.

CAUTION: Do not double dose. Do not use these treatments and anything else. If you are using a flea/tick topical, do not add a spray, tick or flea collar. You can poison a dog or cat this way. NEVER use a topical preparation meant for a dog on a cat. Cats need much lower dosages. Severe neurological problems and even death can result from dosing with a product meant for dogs.

These treatments are not cheap. The best can be bought at major pet supply stores, via the internet, at big farm co-ops, and at your veterinarian’s office. You may think your veterinarian makes a lot of money off these but that is not true. Except for large-volume internet purchases, the price is about the same from all retailers. Is the price worth it to our dogs and cats and their owners? You bet.

If you have a dog-related question for Meryl, she will gladly answer. Her email address is My snooty cat friend, Alice, will be glad to answer cat-related questions at the same email address. She thinks she knows everything so try to give her a really hard question. Alice and I both agree that spaying or neutering your pet is a good thing even though we didn’t particularly enjoy our operations. And visit the Starkville or Louisville Animal Shelter for you next pet.

Submitted by: Sherrie Wiygul

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Arrests Made in String of Louisville Burglaries

Over the past month the Louisville Police Department has been investigating a string of business and vehicle burglaries. These burglaries were committed at eight locations and were all linked. As a result of the investigation, tips from the public and Crime Stoppers, two adult suspects have been charged and arrested.

Tyress Holmes of Louisville is charged with eight counts of building burglary and Darius Watson of Louisville is charged with five counts of building burglary. One juvenile has been questioned and charged and more charges and arrests are expected.

Chief L. M. Claiborne and the Louisville Police Department would like to thank the public for providing vital information that led to these arrests. We would like to ask that anyone that has information on these crimes or any others, please contact the Louisville Police Department at 662-773-3511 or Crime Stoppers at 662-773-9999.

The Lions of Mississippi Invites YOU to Join and Make a Difference

Your local Lions Club is seeking civic-minded men and women to join them in making a real difference in your community. Your local clubs membership drive is in full swing! You are invited to stop by and get additional information and BE A LION!

“Mississippi Lions Clubs give our members an opportunity to advance worthy causes, serve with friends, and become leaders in the community. A local club means so much to its members, but it means so much more to the people served. Lions Clubs want to share the great things they’re doing in the community, and let others know how they can also help by joining with that local Lions Club,” said District Governor Arland Ace Eilert.

The Lions’ motto is “We Serve,” and the Lions of Mississippi has for over one hundred years. The events/areas served are hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, food banks, assistance to school children, vision and hearing test, assistance to food banks, the environment and so much more. Where there is a need, there is a Lion.

To learn more about joining your local Lions Club or their service locally, statewide, nationally or worldwide, please visit the Lions Clubs International website, or visit our district site, or contact the Lions of Mississippi via the net or call your local club Membership Chairman Mike Dowd at 662-803-7952 and ask questions about our service and how to join the local Lions Club.

Not a club in your area? Contact us, we can assist you in starting one in that area.

Lions Clubs International is the largest service club organization in the world. Its 1.43 million members in more than 46,000 clubs are serving communities in 210 countries and geographical areas around the globe. Since 1917, Lions Cubs have aided the blind and visually impaired, championed youth initiatives and strengthened local communities through hands-on service and humanitarian projects. CAN YOU BE A LION?

Monday, July 31, 2017

Voluntary Recall of Some Bush Beans

Bush Brothers & Company is voluntarily recalling certain 28 ounce cans of Brown Sugar Hickory Baked Beans, Country Style Baked Beans and Original Baked Beans because cans may have defective side seams. These side seam defects may affect can integrity and may cause the cans to leak or allow for harmful bacteria to grow inside the product. Bush Brothers found the issue as part of their quality control inspections.

Supervisors Discuss Placement of Storm Shelters

Storm Shelters currently located at temporary hospital
site on S. Church
The Winston County Supervisors received some good news today as they learned that the storm
shelters that had been located at the temporary hospital location on South Church Avenue can now be transferred to county ownership. There has been an ongoing issue with FEMA and MEMA as to the actual ownership of these four separate shelters.

 The county has plans to move the shelters that are rated for 35 people each to different locations across the county. Several tentative locations are under consideration dependent on the site's capability to bear the structure and community need. Tentative sites include Dean Park in the Center Ridge Community, the District 3 county barn, District 1 county barn and the Noxapater Fire Department in District 5.

The county now has to deal with the moving and the relocation of these 40,000-pound facilities. Taylor Machine Works has agreed to assist the county in the move. Supervisors are seeking to place the shelters on public land preferably around fire houses and county barns to help facilitate maintenance and the management of these facilities. A timeline for the move of storm shelters has not yet been determined.

Maben Man Dies in Saturday Afternoon Accident in Winston County

 A Maben resident (formerly of Missouri) died on Saturday, July 29 in a traffic accident on Hwy 15 N a mile north of the Hwy 14 W intersection in Louisville.   The accident occurred around 12:30 pm when a Ford Escape driven by Clade Moore, Jr of Maben crossed the median and collided head-on with an oncoming tractor-trailer. Moore died at the scene. Investigations as to the possible cause of the accident are still underway.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Master Gardeners August Yard of the Month

As summer winds down and kids head back to school many gardens have begun to suffer. Excessive June rains followed by the oppressive heat and humidity of July have caused many gardeners to seek air conditioning indoors. This is not the case with our August "Yard of the Month". This honor belongs to Mr. And Mrs. Leon Ellis, who live at 3987 North Church Avenue. You will see Leon mowing his beautiful golf course worthy front yard several times a week even though his wife Boots encourages him to stay indoors.

Beyond the beautiful front lawn you must venture to the back to find the real paradise.  Here the yard looks as pristine as it did in April or May. A flowing waterfall is surrounded by coleus lantana and a variety of different ferns. Large pots are filled with impatiens, begonias, and lilies. Gardenia, hosta, caladiums, purple potato vine and numerous other plant species are present. There are many seating areas to relax and enjoy the view.  A hammock provides a restful place to nap under a beautiful shade tree. You might find Boots and her friends playing cards in the "Little House" or Leon puttering around in his hot house out back. Be sure you don't miss the prolific vine that grows all around the border of the back patio. Leon believes it to be called a Louisiana potato vine but, to many local gardeners it goes by a much more amusing name. Ask Leon and Boots to tell you that story.

Leon credits his mother and grandmother for giving him his love for plants. He says ever since he was a little boy he has helped   both of them work in the yard. He decided that was just what you are supposed to do. Whether or not he was supposed to be a gardener we are very glad that you are Leon, because your yard is a true showplace. Go by and enjoy for yourself.

Submitted by: Diana Northcutt

Coburn Family hosts 8th Family Reunion

The descendants of the late Dave and Willie Mae Coburn of Louisville, MS gathered for a weekend filled with love, laughter and fun. The bi-annual Coburn Family Reunion was held in Louisville at Lake Tiak O’Khata July 22-23, 2017. The theme was “Just to Know You” as the family assembled to reacquaint with one another. The reunion included a family talent show, picnic, dinner, and memorial to deceased members. The Coburns would like to express gratitude to the staff of Lake Tiak O’Khata and family member Linda Gale Johnson for hosting such a wonderful event.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Louisville Receives Municipal Excellence Award

The City of Louisville was recently honored with the 2017 Mississippi Municipal Excellence Award for Planning and Economic Development for communities under 10,000 population. The award is given to the community that combined the best efforts in making plans aimed at growth, stability and improved quality of life. Louisville won the award based on its role in attracting Winston Plywood and Veneer and maintaining the project after the destruction of the EF-4 Tornado in April 2014. The Winston Plywood and Veneer Project is a success story of a public/private partnership that lead to the first plywood plant built in North America in over 25 years.

Youth Drug Court Begins Operation in Attala, Neshoba and Winston Counties

Attala, Neshoba and Winston counties will launch a juvenile drug court Aug. 1. Chancellor Joseph Kilgore announced the plans for the Sixth Chancery District Youth Drug Court during a speech at the Neshoba County Fair in Philadelphia on Wednesday. Youth Court referees will preside over drug courts in the three counties, and Judge Kilgore will oversee the program.

“There is a great need to address the issues that are contributing to juvenile drug use and ultimately
juvenile crime,” Judge Kilgore said. “Our Youth Court referees are telling me that the use of drugs is somehow involved in many of these cases. Even if the initial infraction is not drug-related, our referees are able to find drug use somewhere in the picture.” Judge Kilgore said, “The missing link in our courts now and in addressing the issues that come before the courts seems to be related to ongoing active oversight that traditional youth courts are unable to provide.”

 The Youth Drug Court will operate in the three most populous counties of the Sixth Chancery District. Juveniles from Carroll, Choctaw and Kemper counties who qualify for drug court services can be placed in one of the programs in Attala, Neshoba or Winston counties.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Animal Shelter Needs Adoptions

The Louisville Animal Shelter is in need of adoptions. These animals need loving homes more than anything! Come by the shelter today located on 110 Thompson St. or call the shelter at 662-773-4320 and adopt one of these sweet precious animals.   Adoption fees are $20. For after hours adoptions, please call 662-705-0398. Thank you! Your adoption will be greatly appreciated!!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Winston Co. Sheriff Seeks Info on Business Break-In

The Winston County Sheriff's Department is seeking information related to a break-in and burglary of  Hobson's Grocery on Thursday night or Friday morning - (July 20-21). The perpetrators gained entry into the store located on 5036 Hinze-Rural Hill Road by breaking a window with a BB or pellet gun. A small amount of cash, cigarettes and beer were stolen. If you have any information on this crime, please contact the Winston County Sheriff's Department 662-773-5881 or Crime Stopper's at 662-773-9999.

Friday, July 21, 2017

MaxxSouth Ribbon Cutting in Louisville

The Winston County Chamber of Commerce welcomed MaxxSouth Broadband to Louisville on Friday at a red ribbon cutting at their location at 15561 West Main, Suite C. Local business and political leaders joined to greet and meet the company's staff and management.

MaxxSouth's Northern Regional Manager Rick Ferrall noted that it was great to be back in Louisville and stressed the importance of a local presence in the communities that MaxxSouth serves. 

MaxxSouth Broadband provides TV cable, internet and telephone services to more than 20 counties in north and central Mississippi.

Little League District 1 Championship Winners Head to Waco!

Three Louisville Little Leaguers help their local “Little League” All Star team advance in the Mississippi State Championship in Hattiesburg Mississippi on July 17th—20th. This team is part of a Local Little League association which encompasses Oktibbeha, Winston & Clay counties. The three Louisville players include Adien Harper & Jett Joiner (Winston Academy ) along with Bentley King (Nanih Waiya) all who have played in this league for the past 2 seasons.  The” Starkville Team” is coached by Russ McReynolds, Eric Hailberg &Tyler Johnson. 

Game one pitching was handled by starting pitcher Adien Harper allowing only 1 run through 2 innings while reliever Bentley King came in to face 8 batters striking out 7 to close-out the 12-1 victory over the Brookhaven All-Stars. Strong hitting by the Starkville Team lead by Ely Dale, CY Hailberg, Bentley King & Xavier Calwell.  Brennon Wright slammed the door shut with a Grand Slam homerun in the 3rd inning.

Game 2 was another onslaught of power hitting from the Starkville Team assisted by great pitching by starter Jeff Joiner (2 shutout innings), adding an inside the park homerun in the 4th.  Finishing the game on the mound was reliever Mac McReynolds, only allowing 1 run in a 17-1 win over the Jones county All-Stars. The great hitting was led by CY Hailberg, Brennon Wright & Adien Harper (2 for 3 with a nice squeeze bunt in the second inning) Ethan Pullam, who put on a hitting display going (3 for 4 with a long ball in the 3rd inning adding the final 3 runs.

Game 3 “Mississippi State Championship Game”. Again the Starkville Little League All-stars faced the Brookhaven Little League All-Star team for the overall State championship. Brookhaven needing to win 2 games over Starkville to take the crown. However it was not to be as starting pitcher Brennon Wright pitched 2 shut-out innings…. following strong relief pitching by Ethan Pullman who only allowed one hit in the 14 to 0 win. The great hitting continued with strong at bats by Newt Thomas, Jack Ruth and a 3 run homerun by Jett Joiner in the 3rd inning to seal the victory.

This win sends the Starkville All-Star team to the 2017 Little League Baseball Southwest Regional Tournament in Waco Texas on August 3-9 inside Marvin Norcross Stadium.

The first game is Thursday, August 3rd at 2:00 EST as The Starkville team takes on the Texas West team. The games are aired on The “Longhorn” channel (Direct TV channel 677) & (Dish TV channel 407).  If the team can win this Regional Tournament, they would qualify for a trip to the overall World Series in Williamsport,  PA. (submitted)