Thursday, January 5, 2017

Community Storm Shelter for Nanih Waiya Now a Reality

After years of planning and working a path through governmental requirements and issues, a
Groundbreaking for Nanih Waiya Shelter in Spring of 2016
community storm shelter for Nanih Waiya has become a reality. There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony on Monday, January 9 for the new shelter and cafeteria combination located at the Nanih Waiya Attendance Center.

Attendees expected to be present include; State Senator Jenifer Branning, State Representatives Michael Evans and Joey Hood, MEMA Executive Director Lee Smithson and Mississippi First Lady Deborah Bryant.

The shelter project was in the works prior to the April 2014 tornado that devastated much of Winston County but the storm acted as a catalyst to speed the process. A groundbreaking ceremony was conducted in mid-March of 2016 and was completed in December.

The projected total construction cost of the project was $1,349,000 which was funded by FEMA and the Louisville Municipal School District due to the multi-purpose use of the structure as shelter and school cafeteria.

The ribbon cutting is scheduled for 10:30 am at the facility.