Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Dowd Announces Candidacy for Alderman-at-Large

Mike Dowd recently announced his candidacy for Alderman-at-Large of the City of Louisville. Mike and his wife, Charlotte have called Winston County their home since they were called to serve the West Louisville Charge 12 years ago.  He served previously as a plant manager in a brick manufacturing plant in Columbus, Mississippi. While serving as Executive Director of the Winston Strong Community Recovery Committee, Dowd witnessed firsthand the devastation in Winston County from the 2014 tornado. He made the decision to retire from the ministry beginning in June of 2017.

"I  want an opportunity to continue  the rebuilding of our community and I feel that the position of Alderman-at-Large will give me this opportunity. There is still a great deal of work to be done and exciting times are ahead of us." stated Dowd.

During the past 12 years, Dowd not only served as the Executive Director of  Winston Strong but also as Chairman of the Disaster Relief Fund Disbursement Committee, Chairman of the Red Hills Festival Committee, former Chamber of Commerce Board President, and member of the Economic Development Committee.

He is currently serving as a local licensed Methodist pastor of  the West Louisville Charge, UMCOR Disaster Relief Coordinator for Starkville District, President of the Louisville Lions Club, President of the Friends of Legion Park, and an Excel by 5 Committee Member. Dowd is a Vietnam veteran and was awarded the Purple Heart and Bronze Star.

He also has 30 plus years of industrial manufacturing management experience. He understands the position of Alderman-at-Large means he represents the entire City of Louisville.

"Having served in a myriad of city and county positions, I have insight into the differences that make us a community. It is my desire to serve everyone with honesty, fairness, and consistency." Dowd stated.  "Thank you for considering me for the position of Alderman-at-Large in the May 2nd election."