Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Frances Ball Announces Candidacy for Re-Election for Alderman at Large

In announcing my candidacy for reelection to Alderman-at-Large, I want to thank you the people of
Louisville for allowing me to serve our city for 20 years. I have gained valuable knowledge and experience during this time. I have seen many changes, some good times and some very lean times. I have tried to use everything that I have learned to get through these times.

I am a native of Louisville and Winston County. I was born in the Murphy Creek community. My parents were the late Mr. And Mrs. W.W. Stewart. I am married to Marion (Buddy) Ball and we have three children, Debbie, Rooster, and William. We have ten grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. I am from a very large family of 14 children, two of whom have passed on. We work very hard in the fields, pottery and gardens. Our parents taught us good work ethics very early on and this has followed me throughout my life. I have been a member of First Baptist Church for over 50 years. I have served in many areas of the church. I have been a long-term member of the Town & Country Garden Club where I served as president and currently serving as secretary. I am a charter member of Legion State Friends of the Park, where I served as president for three years. It was during this time that we accomplished many things: one of which is the "rock patio project." In addition, a bathroom was added.

After retiring from many years of owning and operating our businesses, I continued to work. It was during these times that I really wanted to reach out and do something for the community. I always had a desire to make our downtown attractive, so along with the Main Street Program, my Garden Club started the first beautification project downtown. We bought and placed pots of planted flowers on each corner of the downtown area. This was a small start but it inspired a wonderful lady to pick it up and really take it to the next level. Today, we have one of the most beautiful downtowns of any city in the state. In addition to being attractive, it has an economic advantage. it has attracted several new businesses to our town.

On April 28th, 2014, we were hit with the most devastating disaster ever. it ripped through our town taking in its path businesses and homes. The most tragic was the loss of 10 precious lives. We wasted no time getting to work in effort of restoration. The city-owned plywood facility property was destroyed along with several businesses, homes, properties and our hospital.

Where were we to begin? Federal and state officials began to arrive and we had numerous meetings trying to get the wheel in motion. Distribution centers were set up and began their work. Now after over just two years of planning and working, Winston Plywood and Veneer is up and going with over three hundred and thirty employees. This really is a great accomplishment. We could have never accomplished these things without careful planning and acquiring funds for all these important projects. We are now on the threshold of moving into many other projects that we have been promised funding. This is no easy accomplishment. We are right on the verge of paving and repairing our street. We appreciate the patience of everyone whose streets were so badly damaged. Now, we are in the middle of ongoing projects that are vital to our City's growth. This is the result of many months of consistent planning and working toward these goals.

It is an exciting time for our city. I really want to finish this work that we have started. It will be so rewarding to us. I am asking you to go to the polls on May 2nd, and exercise your rightful duty to vote. I hope that you will look at my years of service and allow me to continue to help bring all these things to fruition. Our city will grow and prosper for the next 25 years because of what we are doing now. Your vote and prayers will be most appreciated. I want to thank you in advance for your help.