Sunday, March 26, 2017

Louisville Songwriter Moved to Produce Emotional Song/Video

Louisville's own Ken Shelton had an early interest in songwriting. In the late 1960's, Shelton traveled to Muscle Shoals, Alabama and even Nashville to pursue his dream but that was soon pushed aside by everyday life and responsibilities. After a long career with the Postal Service, retirement last year brought another opportunity for Ken to try his hand at music.

 Shelton's most recent effort is a song called "Broken Little Heroes" which was inspired by the
children at St. Jude's in Memphis and this led to his concern not only about children battling illness but also those facing abuse and poverty issues. He went through the effort and expense to record the song and video to Youtube with a simple goal:

"All I want people to do is to take just a minute out of their little selfish world and go off into the dark places where these kids live..... we have no idea what's going through their little minds. Most of us had good parents and we have good homes but there's just a world of kids out there that don't have that."

"I want people to understand that its not about me or an effort to write a hit song - it's just about the awareness of this issue. It so easy to share this across Facebook and Youtube. If it moves you - hit the share button. Please share and make other people aware of  this issue."

Shelton actually recorded the song/video online through a service that connected his talents with the singer and musician, Lillian Penner, from Canada. The two have developed a strong friendship through the work and the emotion of the song.

The following is Shelton's statement concerning the song - followed by the video.

"Every now and then God will smile on a songwriter and allow him or her to be the creator of a very special song. I believe "Broken Little Heroes" is one of those songs (but of course I'm a bit partial). When I started writing the song I had the St. Jude Kids in mind - "Little broken ones, wounded in a fight that never was their choice." These little folks are my heroes. I hope that once you hear the song you will understand why, and that they will be your heroes as well. 

The purpose of this project is to maybe help people to stop for a minute and refocus on the world many of our children live in everyday of their young lives. I hope you will share this video and remember these broken little heroes when you pray tonight. You may not know them personally but God does listen to the  master mix. God reminded me of the kids in the world that were hungry and homeless, not to mention physically, sexually and verbally abused. I want to say a special thanks to my friends Lillian Penner, Ruskin Clay and Russ Nowell for their help on the project."