Sunday, April 30, 2017

3rd Annual "Safety Town" Held Over the Weekend

The 3rd Annual Safety Town event sponsored by the Pilot Club of Louisville was held on Saturday, April 29th. Children and folks of all ages visited the Louisville Coliseum and learned how to "Play Safe and Play Smart."

Safety Town is a service sponsored by the Pilot Club in cooperation with local and state civil and emergency departments. Designed especially for kids, "Safety Town" provides an opportunity for young ones to explore and learn more about emergency vehicles and operations.
Winston Co Sheriff Dept's Drug and Rescue Dog Shows some Love at Safety Town (photo by Abbie Pugh)

On Saturday, children had the opportunity to see the inside of police cars, fire trucks and ambulance services. They also get to interact with emergency personnel. They were able to see a demonstration that shows what happens to a passenger who isn’t wearing a seat belt when a crash and roll-over occurs; and they participated in a demonstration of a home fire escape in a mobile unit created for that purpose, and learned how to get out safely.

This year the event included several presentations on other important safety issues. The Pilot Club would like to say thanks to the many emergency personnel, instructors, city, county, and state employees, local merchants, media, and all who volunteered in the event.

There is a slideshow of events available by clicking here