Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Any Concerns About Protests at Noxapater Town Hall Fizzle

U. S. Congressman Trent Kelly was in Noxapater on Tuesday (April 18) afternoon for a local town
hall meeting. There was concern about possible protests during the event from individuals and groups outside of the community. These issues never materialized. Rumors and statements of as many as two busloads of protesters from across the state have been circulating around the community for several days but the vast majority of the crowd that numbered in the 60-70 person range were local citizens.

Even so, not all in attendance were able to enter the boardroom of Noxapater City Hall for the meeting. Filled to capacity, fire code restrictions forced 20-30 individuals to remain outside during the 2:00 pm meeting.

Kelly answered questions from a large number of the audience members and upon exiting the building also took time to answer questions from those outside. Questions ranged from local economic issues to healthcare, immigration, regulations, Syrian policy and jobs.

Concern about possible protesters, prompted city officials to ask for additional law enforcement
presence from the Winston County Sheriff.  Sheriff Jason Pugh and a number of officers were in attendance but no issues developed other than the excessive size of the crowd. Pugh said, “We’re just here if needed to head off any problems. Anytime a U.S. Congressman comes to our small county, regardless of party, we want them to know they are welcome and secure and has the opportunity to place priority on speaking to our local citizens on their concerns.”

Kelly has been making a round of town hall meetings that have included Hernando, Olive Branch, Columbus, Noxapater and Ackerman.