Monday, April 3, 2017

Class of 2017 Salute to Success Breakfast Celebration

The annual Salute to Success Breakfast Celebration was held at Lake Tiak O'Khata on April 3, 2017. Over 103 students and committee members joined in the celebration.

WCEDDP Executive Director, Glen Haab welcomed all Honor Students, Miss. Scholars and Miss. Scholars Techmasters from all 5 schools in the county.  The Honorable Mayor Will Hill gave the students some well deserved words of encouragement.

The following students were participants in the Winston County Salute To Success Program: (All students will be designated MS for Mississippi Scholars, MST for Mississippi Scholars Techmasters and HS as Honor Students)

Grace Christian School:
Lukas Borntrager, MS - Michael Fuller, MS - Samantha Gillis, MS
Daniel Halfacre, MS, Brooke Gillis - HS

Louisville High School:
Keyasha Edwards, MS - Destiny Lewis, MS
Asia Eichelberger, MS - Charlessia Mays, MS and MST
Markiaa Eiland, MS - Jana Moore, MST
Stephanie Hayes, MS - Emaree Stone, MS and MST
Monifah Haynes, MST - Grace Yarbrough, MST
Tyler Kincaid, MS
Andrew Coleman, HS - Jeneshyia Ingram, HS
Kevin Claburn, HS - Alexis Thomas, HS
Michael McDonald, HS - Zaire Wraggs, HS
Christina Horn, HS

Nanih Waiya Attendance Center:
Madison Boykin, MST - Brady Jones, MS
Zach Boykin, MS - Allayna Lovorn, MS
Makinsie Clark, MS - Kayla Lovorn, MST
Ben Cumberland, MS - Katilin Nyholm, MST
Cody Dapp, MST - Joe Patterson, MS
Ethan Ferguson, MST - Hunter Shafer, MST
Jillian Gregory, MS - Colby Stanley, MS
Rylee Holdiness, MS - Clark Sullivan, MST
Bailey Johns, MS - Sarah Trosper, MS
Savannah Watkins, HS - Denesha Hunt, HS
Precious Gale, HS - Jasmine Popec, HS
Essence Stricklin, HS - Morgan Luke, HS
Drew Fulcher, HS

Noxapater Attendance Center:
Jordan Lampley, MS - Olivia McDonald, MS
D'Mya Rash, MS - LaAnthony Robertson, HS
Braden Estes, HS - Jaython Donald, HS
Savannah Ashmore, HS - Caleb Chandler, HS
Randall Pierce, Jr., HS - Nathaniel Lampley, HS
Brandon Kugle, HS

Winston Academy:
Christoper Baker, MS and MST - Landis Llewellyn, MS
Tanner Belding, MS - Fields Major, MS
Mary Morgan Clark, MS - Ashley Malone, MS
Dakota Dempsey, MS - Clay Mercer, MS
Madison Dempsey, MS - Lauren Moran, MS
Clark Graham, MS - Dakota Morgan, MS
Marla Hudson, MS - Emily Morgan, MS
Iris Keen, MS - Tyler Sloan, MS
Issac Keen, MS - Brooke Watson, MS
Nick Hogue, HS - Hunter Sanders, HS
Austin Blaine, HS - James Clay Mask, HS

Please congratulate these students...they took the harder courses...they established goals. We should all be very proud!

Special thanks to our Chamber of Commerce...Linda Skelton and Amy Kellum well as our Economic Development Director, Glen Haab for making our Honors breakfast possible.