Monday, April 24, 2017

Joys of Living at Focus Manor

Focus Manor has been opened since June 1, 2015. It is a residential facility, for people who are
physically handicapped. This facility has 14 large one bedroom apartments. Applicants are not confined to Winston County. They can be from any place in the United States.

The purpose of the newly constructed facility is to provide a safe and secure residence for individuals with a certified physically handicap condition. Individuals living in the facility will be low income and not have the financial resources to obtain their own living location. There will be a sliding fee scale for rental cost. Tenants will be assisted in services from Golden Triangle, which will include meals on wheels, the Department of Human Services and other community service organizations. There is a 2 bedroom apartment for an onsite manager. Other amenities include a meeting room and an office that is opened daily to provide residents service. HUD will be screening the applicants and managing the facility.
The photos are of an apartment that is occupied by Susan Allen Woodruff which shows all of the rooms. Susan is a disabled 56 year old resident. She is one of the first occupants to move into Focus Manor. She has chronic back disease. Susan stated, “I love it here and hope it will be my last place of residence. Pastor George Miller, executive director, is awesome. He is very respectful. I like him a lot. Joyce Roberson, the manager and her husband are very nice also. I highly recommend Focus Manor to anyone who is handicapped. I feel very comfortable and safe living here.” (All photos courtesy of Elmetra Patterson)

Contact Person: Manager, Joyce Roberson, 662.446-9008 or the Executive Director Dr. George Miller.
By Elmetra Patterson