Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Presley Prepares Public as Peak Tornado Season Approaches

With the peak of tornado season now upon us, Northern District Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley wants citizens to be aware of a few helpful tips regarding utility service before and after disaster strikes. 

Before the Storm

Be sure to have fresh batteries in your radio and flashlights, have a supply of food that can be eaten without cooking, and a hand held can opener. In case the power goes out, have your cell phone and other necessary devices fully charged. Leave your porch light switch on so that utility workers can know for certain when power is restored.

After the Storm

Never touch a fallen power line, instead call your local power company and report the fallen line. Citizens are also encouraged to contact their utility companies to report outages or to determine the status of service in your area. Commissioner Presley also encourages users to “like” and follow his Facebook and Twitter accounts for updates during severe weather outages. If your home has been destroyed after a tornado or severe storm, request that your utility company stop billing you. If you have an emergency need for electricity such as for medical equipment please contact Commissioner Presley’s office at 1-800-637-7722 or contact the emergency telephone number for your electric provider.

“From Smithville to Eupora to Tupelo, my district has been through a lot of weather-related disasters. The more we can prepare ahead of time, the better off we will be. During a crisis, I strive to get service restored to those affected as quickly as possible, and I applaud the local companies who put their lives at risk to restore those services,” said Commissioner Brandon Presley.