Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Re-Elect Frances Ball Alderman At Large

On May 2, when you go to the polls, I ask you to sincerely consider me. I have served our city for 20 years. During this time, we have experienced many prosperous times and some tough times. Now, we are experiencing the greatest growth in the history of Louisville. The Winston Plywood and Veneer Plant, Street paving and repair, drainage repair, renovation of Ivy and Academy Parks, the Safe Room, new traffic signals, acquisition of property and the list goes on.

This is the result of the hard work of our Board and Mayor and the resilience of our people. These accomplishments don't just happen, it takes persistence and know-how.

During my campaign, I have made a special effort to see as many of you as possible. If I missed you, please use this means to cast your vote for me. I want to say a huge "THANK YOU" for all the kindness and encouragement you have shown me. We are on the move and our future is bright. I am very committed to continuing this great work that we have started. I want to continue to make Louisville the best place to live.

Please go to the polls on May 2, and vote for Frances Ball, Alderman At Large. Thank you in advance.