Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Noxapater Special Olympics Team Will Travel To Biloxi For Special Olympics Stategames

 Noxapater Special Olympics will be traveling to Biloxi in May for the Special Olympics Stategames at Keesler AFB. Four students place either first or second in their chosen event. (Left to Right) Clay Kugle- He will be competing in 200m race and softball throw, Garrett Jackson-he will be competing in Bowling, Kolanda Cooper- she will be competing in doubles Bocce, and Anthony Prior-He will be competing in the 50M walk and Tennis ball throw.

They are proud to send these talented athletes to Biloxi to represent their school and the MID-Ms region. If you would like to support therir local Special Olympics (Mid-Ms area 18) by either volunteering or donating, please contact Tracy Jackson at tjacksonees@gmail.com.