Monday, May 8, 2017

Winston County Government Notes:

**Larry Veazey is the new Veterans Officer for Winston County. Long time Officer Terry Kelley recently retired. The Veterans Office is located at 5595 Old Robinson Road in Louisville and office hours are 8:00 am til 4:00 pm – Monday thru Thursday. Contact information: Telephone 662-773-9555, Fax 662-773-9557, email
**The following volunteer fire departments across the county have earned an upgrade in their fire insurance classifications: Nanih Waiya, East Winston, Mars Hill, Shiloh and Highpoint. These departments join the Beth Eden department that received a rating upgrade previously.

The public fire protection insurance classification number is used as only one of several elements in developing some individual property fire insurance rates.
Effective April 5,2017 the above departments changed from a tenth class to a ninth class. This is just one small step as these departments intend on going even lower in the near future.

There is a lot of training and documentation involved in such a task but the department are working very hard to do so.

This class rating applies to eligible properties located within the legal boundaries of said fire departments. If there are any questions regarding if a property is covered by this class rating please feel free to contact the Winston County Fire Coordinator Jody Garrard at 662 803 7428

**Winston County Supervisors are reviewing solid waste fees (garbage pickup) across the County. The County’s current fee of $8/month is the lowest in the state except for 3 counties with casinos. Increases in this fee in the future is likely.

** Supervisors and Emergency Management Head Buddy King are investigating the possibility of re-using the storm shelters that were placed at the temporary hospital location on South Church and relocating them in several parts of the county including Noxapater and the Center Ridge Community. There are four shelters rated for 37 occupants each.  The County is currently investigating ownership of the shelters with MEMA and FEMA.