Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Youth Compete in 4-H Shooting Sports

Pictured are the youth that participated in the NE District Shooting Sports Competition.
Pictured on the front row from left to right are: Reed Ross, archery; Charlie Peeples, air pistol; Cade Gregory, air pistol; Shan Brannon, air rifle; Bryce Nance, .22 rifle; Cooper Randle, air pistol; Sam Nance, .22 rifle; Nathan Nolt, .22 rifle and Madisyn Conn, archery.  Back Row, left to right are:Kaden Stanley, shotgun & archery; Eli Eaves, shotgun; Austin Clark, shotgun; John Allen Clark, shotgun; Denton Orr, .22 rifle; Christina Clark, archery; Sarah Beth Jones, archery.

Guns have always played a major role in America’s history with television shows that featured cowboys and Indians to law enforcement. Unfortunately, the news is filled with crimes that involve the use of guns and because of this many have perceived guns as dangerous and scary. But, with proper instruction, guns can be understood and respected.

The Mississippi 4-H Shooting Sports program is an educational program that teaches young people and adult leaders essential life skills through the shooting sports. Objectives of the program are to provide opportunities to help these young people, their families or guardians, and adult volunteers to be self-directed, responsible and productive members of society.

Winston County has had an active 4-H shooting sports program this year with 20 youth involved. They have been practicing with certified instructors since February and on April 29th, 16 of the 20 participated in the North East District Shooting Sports Competition in Blue Springs, MS. Winston County was represented well by some outstanding youth and great coaches. Certified instructors/coaches are Bryan Ross, archery, Jonathan Peeples, air pistol and pistol, Darrell Banks, air rifle and .22 rifle, and Tracy Gregory, shotgun.

Thank you to the parents and coaches for all the time that you have invested in these youth. One of the objectives of the Mississippi 4-H Shooting Sports program is to strengthen families through life-long recreational activities. This can only be possible when parents or guardians are willing to invest the time and some sacrifices needed to ensure their youth is involved in a solid program such as 4-H. With much appreciation and gratitude to our sponsors:

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