Tuesday, August 8, 2017

2017 NAACP National Scholarship Winners

The Winston County Branch NAACP delegates to the National NAACP Convention in Baltimore, MD, July 23, 2017, wanted to jump out of their seats when they saw three of their Youth Council Members’ names float by on the teleprompter as winners of the Agnes Jones Scholarship. Carolyn Hampton, chairperson of the Women in the NAACP (WIN) of the Winston County Branch, quickly texted to inform of this history making news. According to local records, Montana, Asia and Markiaa are the first students from Winston County to win a National NAACP scholarship which is offered to graduating high school students as well as undergraduate and graduate students up to 26 years of age. Asia received $2,000, Montana $1,000, and Markiaa $750.

Asia Eichelberger graduated from LHS as an honor student May 2017. Her awards and honors include Coach’s Choice, Leadership award, Bullock’s Best award, Mississippi Scholars, National Society of High School Scholars, and JS Chancellor Leadership Class. Asia completed nearly 200 hours of community services hours during high school. She will attend University of Mississippi-Oxford in September 2017 to pursue a degree in Business Management. Asia is the daughter of Paul and Rita Eichelberger.

Montana Eichelberger graduated from Louisville High School (LHS) May 2016 as an honor student. She presently attends University of Southern Mississippi-Hattiesburg (USM) as a sophomore. She is excited to be selected as Resident Assistant (RA) for her dormitory this upcoming school year. She has maintained her honor roll status. Montana completed over 250 hours of community services during high school. She is the daughter of Paul and Rita Eichelberger. 

Markiaa Denise Eiland graduated from LHS as Valedictorian of her class of 2017. Among other awards include, English awards and Mississippi Scholars. Markiaa completed nearly 200 hours of community services during high school. Markiaa will be attending Mississippi State University (MSU) in September with plans to major in Interior Designing. She is the daughter of April Goss and Marcus Eiland.

The NAACP offers: 1) The Agnes Jackson Jones Scholarship – Maximum amount $2,000.

2) The Hubertus W. V. Willems Scholarship for Male Students majoring in Engineering, Chemistry, Physics or Mathematical Sciences – Maximum about $3,000. Students must be a member of the NAACP with yearly dues $10. or $15. with the Crisis Magazine.

For details on applying for these scholarships, please contact Charles Hampton, 662.803-0635 or Elmetra Patterson, 510.672-2106