Wednesday, August 30, 2017

McMillins Celebrate 67th Reunion

 67th McMillin Reunion Attendees

Eighty-eight McMillins gathered on August 5 & 6th for a two day event to celebrate the 67th Reunion of the McMillin & Related Families of Louisville & Winston, County, Mississippi at Lake Tiak O’Khata. 

Though temperatures were high, the group enjoyed the cool, mosquito free Pineridge Lodge for their annual cook out thanks to the generosity of one of their kin! Red and white gingham, blue tablecloths, and vases filled with wildflowers arranged by Beth Blalock, Jamie Faulkner, Lenora Frazier, and Sylvia McMillin, gave a festive look to the room. Hamburgers and hotdogs were served by our first time chefs, Jonathan McMillin of Madison, MS and Daniel Parker of Louisville; many side dishes and desserts were shared.

Continuing into Sunday, the McMillins met in the Colonial Room for a morning devotional, lunch, business meeting, and program. The room was decorated with the traditional MacMillan flags and Scottish flags, provided by Dr. Lamar and Carol McMillin, John & Sylvia McMillin, and Billie Joy Tucker. The lovely floral arrangements were done by Shirley McMillin of Carthage and Leesa McMillin of Monroe, LA . MacMillan tartan squares with vases of yellow and white daisies displaying the American and Scottish flags adored each table. Bonnie Broadway of Pascagoula and Janet Donoho of Dallas, TX assisted with registration and name tags.

McMillin Cousins Sporting their Hunting MacMillan Tartan
The McMillin Grands, sporting the Hunting MacMillan tartan, led the singing of the “MacMillan Rally Song.” Each child carried various objects to emphasize the verses of the song: the plaid, the holly, a shield, and a sword. Participating were Eli, Isaac & Samuel Crew, sons of Dan & Missy McMillin Crew; Mac Faulkner, son of Andrew & Jamie Faulkner; Lynlee and Lyla McMillin, daughters of Stephen & Jennifer Lynn McMillin; and Grayson & McMillin Moomaw, sons of Charlie & Ashley McMillin Moomaw.

President, David McMillin, of Monroe, LA, presided over the meeting, welcomed each guest, and gave thanks to specific people for their active participation in the reunion.

Larry Woodward, of Louisville, gave a poignant devotional and several important truths were shared: 1. All want security and seek it in different places and things. Jesus gives eternal and permanent security that carries his followers into eternal life. 2. Lessons of obedience were learned from the disciples as they fished. The disciples, as well as believers, learn that Jesus never gives what He does not equip to do. Larry ended with this statement and this question: “Jesus makes us fishers of men! Are you in the boat with Him?”

John McMillin of Chattanooga, TN, reminisced as he “looked back” on the 15th reunion of 1966. He
used the hand written minutes that his mom, Mrs. Arnell McMillin had written during her time as secretary. Several kin who were present at this 67th reunion also attended the 15th reunion. Also recognized were the attendees never missing a reunion, those who had served as president in the past, and those who had not missed a reunion in 15 years!

Rev. Percy Mac Frazier, of Franklinton, LA offered the blessing for the meal and all enjoyed the Southern buffet provided by Lake Tiak O’Khata.

Lunch was followed by an introduction of families and a brief description of how each was related to the Scotch-Irish immigrant, William McMillin, who settled in Winston County in the mid 1830’s.

Bob Moore, of Collierville, TN, age 90, received the award for being the most senior in attendance. Six month old, Ellis James Parker, daughter of Daniel and Tia Parker, of Louisville, was clearly the youngest. Sisters Jane McMillin and Sue McMillin Faulkner traveled 530 miles from Lampasas, TX to receive the award for traveling the greatest distance. Jane laughingly commented that it usually takes 10 hours to drive….UNLESS you get lost! Jamie and Lisa McMillin, of Louisville, easily took the prize for having the most immediate relatives attending—14!

The McMillins were saddened to hear of the deaths of four of their kin this past year. Ms. Lynn Cunningham of Louisville, James Franklin McMillin of Louisville, Colonel Robert McCully of Louisville and South Africa, and the most recent was Mrs. Zukie Moore, wife of Mr. Bob Moore, of Collierville, TN who passed away on July 19.
Ellen Fulcher O’Lonney

The program was given by Ellen Fulcher O’Lonney, a business woman and world traveler who grew up in Louisville and is a McMillin relative. Ellen describes herself as “a gypsy at heart” and states: “I was free to combine my passion for traveling and my love for handmade crafts into a way of life.” She transported the group, in photos, to the country of Nepal where she travels each year to develop new designs for her company, Pomegranate Moon where she employs a group of women artisans to create one of a kind, Nuno felted scarves and accessories. Ellen describes her company as a socially responsible, fair trade for-profit company. The work provides a means for women to lift themselves and their families out of poverty while building self-esteem, pride, and confidence.

After spending 5 or 6 weeks each year in Nepal working and developing new designs, Ellen has established strong relationships with these women employees and they are now her friends. Though these people live in an impoverished nation and have very little, the people of Nepal are grateful for everything, Ellen says. When she travels to Nepal each year, she does not stay in an expensive hotel, but chooses to stays in a guest house for $14 a night so she can be part of the community. She describes the people as humble and engaging and many survive on just $1.00 per day.

In 2015 a devastating earthquake hit Nepal. The pain and suffering caused by the earthquake was heartbreaking to Ellen, so she returned to Nepal to check on her friends and workers. Her friends were safe, but their homes were demolished and Ellen felt the call to help rebuild the community where 90% of homes were destroyed. The school was also so severely damaged the children could not attend school. Because education for the people of Nepal is so important, (some walk 2 ½ hours to school each day) Ellen and her company and many donors raised enough money to rebuild homes and also rebuild the school.

The MacMillan crest bears this motto: “I seek to aid the distressed”. Ellen’s friends in Nepal were
worthy recipients, indeed, of the aid offered to them by Ellen, her company, and the many donors who followed her lead. They were the poor and “distressed” and Ellen graciously gave help to them.

The business meeting began with the various reports from each officer. Under new business, a vote was taken to change the reunion date to the last Sunday in July to accommodate families that are affected by schools beginning earlier each year. This was the second time the date has been adjusted since the inception of the McMillin Reunion in 1951-- that date being the 3rd Sunday in August.

The group voted to keep the same slate of officers for the 2017-2018 year: David McMillin, President; Jonathan McMillin, Vice-President; Claire Crowell, Treasurer; Sylvia McMillin, Secretary; and Jamie McMillin, treasurer of the cemetery fund.

Dr. F. Lamar McMillin, of Vicksburg ended the 67th reunion with the MacMillan

Exhortation reminding all to “remember the poor, pray for the sick, make no peace with injustice…and to continue to learn to aid the distressed…”

Group photograph was taken under the pines of Lake Tiak O’Khata.

The 68th reunion will be held on July 28-29, 2018.

Attendees at the Reunion:

From Louisville: Johnny & Claire Crowell, Charles William Haggard, Beverly Bennett Hemphill, Kevin, Wanda, Max & Belle Hudson, Linda Hudson, Joyce Johnson, Stanley & Barbara McCully, William, Tracy, & Myrrah McCully, Jamie & Lisa McMillin, Jay, Megan, Jayson, and Parker McMillin, Daniel, Tia & Ellis Parker, Larry, Margaret & Patrick Woodward;

From Alabama: Hallie Jean Blalock, Beth Blalock, Tuscaloosa; Marla McCully, Birmingham;  Billie Joy Johnson Tucker, Eldridge;

From Arkansas: Ellen Fulcher O’Lonney, Roland;

From Georgia: Missy McMillin Crew and children, Eli, Isaac & Samuel, Ringgold; David Haggard, Ashley Haggard, Cumming;

From Louisiana: Percy Mac & Lenora Frazier, Franklinton; David & Leesa McMillin, Monroe; Bruce, Lisa, Eden, Laura, & Brayden Townsend, West Monroe;

From: Mississippi (other than Louisville): Jane Bennett Barefoot, Clinton; Bonnie Broadway, Pascagoula; Mason Buckner, Oxford; Mike & Mary Lynn McCully, Eupora; Carol & Lamar McMillin, Vicksburg; Jonathan, Meredith, & Charlie Brooke McMillin, Madison; Paul & Hannah McMillin, Madison; Shirley McMillin, Carthage; Stephen, Jennifer Lynn, Lynlee & Lyla McMillin, Vicksburg; Charlie, Ashley, Grayson & McMillin Moomaw, Madison; Laura Lee Mullens, Clinton; Dave & Carol Bennett Peebles, Starkville; Kathy Buckner Shoalmire, Oxford; Sherron Bennett Somerville, Tupelo; Susan Buckner Spencer, Columbus;

From Tennessee: Danna McMillin Bennett, Mt. Juliet; Ann McMillin, Ooltewah; John & Sylvia McMillin, Ooltewah; Bob Moore, Collierville; Jimmy Moore, Collierville; Keith Moore, Memphis;

From Texas: Mark & Janet Donoho, Dallas; Andrew, Jamie & Mac Faulkner, Houston; Sue McMillin Faulkner, Lampasas; Jane McMillin, Lampasas.