Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Betsy Ann Eichelberger Celebrates 99th Birthday With Family

On Saturday, October 21, 2017, Betsy Ann ‘Patty’ Hughes-Eichelberger celebrated her 99th Year Birthday.  She was born October 22, 1918 to Nelson and Mary Elizabeth ‘Kytie’ Hughes. She has lived in the Mt. Sinai Community all of her life. She credits her longevity to giving birth to 13 children, working hard and eating well.  She has been a small farmer most of her adult life but retired from Spartus Clock Factory when they closed. She loves her community and has always been involved to make improvements whenever and wherever she could.  She took very good care of her children as a single parent after becoming a widow when the children were very young. She credits her mother, her sisters and church members for being the village that helped to raise them.  She was active in Mt. Sinai MB Church, the Winston County Branch NAACP, Winston County Voters’ and Education League, AARP, Election Commission, TRIAD and Friends of Dean Park, Inc. until she became too disabled to attend meetings.  However, she keeps her dues paid.   Mrs.  Eichelberger is well cared for by her children and professionals. Her youngest daughter, Gwendolyn Eichelberger is her major caregiver. Her great niece Wendy Harris is her professional caregiver.  Mrs. Eichelberger has lived longer than anyone in her family and with the good care she receives, she might make 100 years. She presently has 8 living children, 20 grandchildren, 28 great grandchildren and 7 great great grandchildren. The party was brilliantly coordinated by her granddaughters Mesha Eichelberger Randall of Wiley, TX and Donna Hopkins of Louisville, MS. Melvin Davis of Richmond, CA was the DJ and there was plenty dancing, games and fun.

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Betsy Eichelberger with oldest grandchild, Carmen Cole,
daughter of the late Claudell Weaver. (Photo by Kathy Seals)
Betsy Ann with all of her children. Standing: Clifford, Mattie Davis, Clifton, Janice Hopkins, Paul, Elmetra Patterson
Sitting:  Barbara Coleman, Betsy Ann, and Gwendolyn Eichelberger (Photo courtesy of Kathy Seals)

Betsy Ann with descendants from Baton Rouge, LA,  Richmond, CA, Fredericksburg, VA, Memphis, TN, Jacksonville, FL,
Lake Charles, LA,  Forth Worth, TX,  Wylie, TX, Atlanta, GA, Starkville, MS and Louisville, MS celebrating her 99th Birthday.

By: Elmetra Patterson