Thursday, October 5, 2017

Pilot Club of Louisville Celebrating Founders Month at Library

The Pilot Club of Louisville is celebrating Founders Month (October) with a display at the Winston County Library. Pilot Information and Leadership Committee Members (from left) Kathy Sinclair, Tara Woodward and DeLaine Woodruff created this beautiful fall display to promote Pilot Club awareness and to celebrate the founding of Pilot Club International by Elizabeth Leonard of Macon, GA in 1921. Pilot Club’s motto is “Friendship and Service”. Pilot Club, a very active Service Organization in Winston County, runs Camp Jigsaw for autistic boys at MSU, the Veterans Day Breakfast in November each year, hosts nursing home parties, holds four parties a year for the Developmentally Delayed students at Fair Elementary, gives a $500 scholarship to one 10th – 12th grade student Anchor Club member each year, sponsor of the annual springtime Safety Town, Pilot Club Father-Daughter Dance, and hold the annual Pilot Club Pageant. “ Come by the library and see this wonderful display promoting one of our counties most active service clubs,” said librarian Beth Edwards. “Their dedication and passion for helping those in need in our community is truly inspiring.”