Tuesday, November 14, 2017

1888 Cornerstone Returned to Winston County Courthouse

In conjunction with Veterans’ Day events in Louisville, a special historical event took place as well
inside the Winston County Courthouse on Saturday morning.  The unveiling of the cornerstone from the 1888 Courthouse of Winston County was completed within the front hall.

The cornerstone of the structure, that was torn down in the early 1960’s and replaced by the present day courthouse, was presumed lost for many years until it was discovered in the backyard of a local home. Through efforts of a number of individuals including former State Senator Giles Ward, Lennie Fulton, Janice Hunter, Winston County Sheriff Jason Pugh and others.

The cornerstone now resides just outside the doors of the Winston County Tax Assessor along with photos, a copy of the original dedication speech and a transom window that served the doorway of the Chancery Clerk’s Office in the original 1888 structure.

A full video of the unveiling ceremony is available below. Area judges including: Justice Court Judges Robert Beck and Mike Fuller, 6th Chancery Court Judges Joey Kilgore and Edward Fenwick, 5th Circuit Court Judges George Mitchell and Joey Loper and retired Ms. Supreme Court Justice David Chandler participated in the program. This video is available on Youtube as well.