Thursday, November 9, 2017

WCCRCF and MDOC Reach Agreement on State Inmate Contract

After delays, The Mississippi Department of Corrections had signed an ongoing contract to continue
to maintain state prisoners at the Winston Choctaw County Regional Correctional Facility (WCCRCF). The facility was constructed by the county in 1999 based upon the expected proceeds from housing state prisoners and the County’s own needs.

Like almost all regional correctional facilities across the state, WCCRCF has been operating without a contract with MDOC for a period of time. MDOC had cut rates and the number of inmates over the past several years resulting in revenue losses. The new agreement guarantees a minimum of 270 inmates at a rate of $23.92 per day. The prior contract with MDOC was at a rate near $30 per day but WCCRCF has been operating at a rate of $20 per day and often with low inmate counts since the expiration of the original agreement.

County officials indicate that they are glad to finally have an agreement but noted that the rate is a major reduction. County estimates indicate that the revenue generated by the agreement will serve to cover day to day operations but will not allow for maintenance costs of the facility. WCCRCF has no debt service and has generally operated in the black over the years. County officials expect that under the new contract agreement, costs to the county will increase.