Monday, December 11, 2017


Matthew Clark
 by Mary Snow
 I remember first meeting Matthew Clark in my creativity classes when I first moved to Louisville. They were classes where we explored music, music theory, played Orff instruments, studied acting, and studied the visual arts at First United Methodist Church. He was definitely in his element as he enjoyed every part of all the classes and he soon progressed to wanting to play the guitar and to write music. It was at this time he was able to work with several people who would guide him spiritually as well.

 I say this because he is doing what he has always wanted to a Christian artist. Matthew is a hometown boy and the son of Susan and Joe Clark. He will be joined with Abbye and Jeff Pates to bring to our community an Advent Concert on Friday, December 15 from 6:30 to 9:30PM at Legion State Park Lodge.

Matthew says "Good songs and stories are sticky notes or a string around my finger...things that remind me of the truth and the hope that I so easily forget. Songs can speak deeply, and both uncover buried grief and forgotten hope. They help me keep faith, opening up a world beyond, where there's more redemption...more joy...more beauty...and greater love than I have dreamed possible. My songs are an opportunity for hospitality. I try to create that place through songs that mirror God's welcome."
Matthew is a Christian artist, writing intelligent and insightful songs. With skillful guitar styling, he brings so much more personal insight and thoughtful narratives that elevate his musical offerings from just a concert to an artistic conversation. His songs keep the conversation going long after the music has stopped.
Abbye West Pates

 Abbye West Pates is a song writer and storyteller based in Memphis, TN. She was born and raised in southern Mississippi. Her songs are a little bit folk and a little bit country. She tells stories that locate you in a particular place with particular people. She explores life's struggles, griefs and anxieties that remind us of grace, faith and forgiveness in the midst of it all.

Abbye recently won an award at LImelight Music Awards. She won the 2017 Performing Songwriter and her album won one of Alternate Roots' Top 100 Albums of the Year.

Matthew and Abbye met in 2005 at a camp in Memphis where they formed a musical friendship that has expanded over many years. Matthew, Abbye and her percussionist husband, Jeff, have done many house concerts and youth retreats all over the country. Their work together is a wonderful collaboration of music and song.

We are excited to bring this Advent Concert to Louisville and hope you will take the time to experience a memorable evening of fellowship, stories, songs and refreshments. The Lodge is always so beautifully decorated for the season as well. Tickets are $10.00 and are available at The Jewel Shoppe, Fashion Boutique...both on Main well as our Chamber of Commerce. They are also available at Main Street Fabrics in Ackerman, MS. For further information, please call 662-418-7822 or 601-668-4688.

Let's all come together and celebrate the Advent Season with one of our own.