Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Atmos Energy Contributes $2,500 for Economic Development Programs

The Winston County Economic Development District Partnership (WCEDDP) recently received $2,500.00 from Atmos Energy for local economic development programs in Winston County. These funds will be focused on property improvements and workforce development initiatives.

“Atmos Energy is proud to partner with the WCEDDP to spur job creation and enhance existing infrastructure,” stated Linda Waters, Public Affairs Manager for Atmos Energy. “We are committed to economic development growth in Winston County and East Central Mississippi.”

The WCEDDP works closely with partners like Atmos Energy to foster a business environment suitable for growth and attraction. These collaborative efforts are essential in laying the groundwork for future opportunities.

Glen Haab, the Executive Director of the WCEDDP, is eager to leverage the funds to pursue the Partnership’s goals. “These funds will be used to conduct a local workforce development labor study on Winston County as well as perform engineering work on our industrial property. We appreciate the continued support from Atmos Energy and their efforts for being a catalyst for economic development growth in our region.”

Contact: Glen Haab at 662-773-8719 and