Friday, January 19, 2018

LMSD Recognizes Teachers of the Year

Melanie Watkins, Billie Jean Fulton, Jennifer Sanborn, Mary Ashford,
Carolyn Butler, Shane McDaniel, not pictured - Christy White
In their board meeting on Thursday night, the administration and the trustees of the Louisville
Municipal School District recognized the 2017-2018 Teachers of the Year from each school in the district. Teachers are honored for their work and efforts throughout the school year. LMSD Teachers of the Year include:

Fair Elementary - Carolyn Butler
Louisville Elementary - Christy White
Eiland Middle School - Mary Ashford
Louisville High School - Billie Jean Fulton
Nanih Waiya - Melanie Watkins
Noxapater - Jennifer Sanborn
WLCTC - Shane McDaniel
District Teacher of the Year - Mary Ashford

Carolyn Butler - Fair Elem
Bille Jean Fulton - LHS
Melanie Watkins - NW

Mary Ashford - Eiland

Jennifer Sanborn - NOX
Shane McDaniel - WLCTC

Mary Ashford - LMSD Teacher of the Year