Thursday, February 15, 2018

LMSD Begins Search for Superintendent

The Louisville Municipal School Board of Trustees met on Tuesday, February 12th and dealt with a
number of issues. At the top of the agenda was the search for a new superintendent. The Board  met with Dr. Mike Waldrop from the Mississippi School Board Association concerning the requirements and needs of the district for a superintendent to replace outgoing superintendent Ken McMullen whose contract will expire in June. Waldrop gave the board several options which included hiring the Mississippi School Board Association to conduct the search for a qualified candidate. After discussion, the board agreed to conduct a special meeting at some point in Jackson with the Association to make final determinations on the search efforts. Waldrop indicated that a reasonable time for the search would be from 8 to 12 weeks.

The board also reviewed renovation project bids at several of the schools. Of most interest were the alternative bids for additional work that needs to be completed. The board is attempting to work within a two million dollar budget for these renovations. One alternate proposal was to repair the north wall of the Eiland gym for $67,700. It was determined that the south wall also needed repair so a possible change in this alternative project is being considered. Another alternative proposal was to put a metal roof in addition to coating on the Nanih Waiya gym.  The coating of the gym was
included in base bids but a needed replacement with a new metal roof was not included and when cost an additional $72,400. The board also reviewed alternate bids for bricking columns at Nanih Waiya and replacing the sidewalk for $101,600, completing drainage work around the administration building of Louisville High School for $22,800, replacing the seating and flooring in the high school gym at Louisville High which included removal asbestos floor tiles for $311,800. Another project that requires attention is the replacement of the roof on the vocational building located on the Louisville High School campus. Recent leaks in this roof has caused some damage to the interior of the structure.

After discussion the board approved the repair of the Eiland gym, the additional cost of replacing the roof at the gym in Nanih Waiya and pursuing the replacement of the roof at the vocational building after review of the warranty on the existing roof.