Friday, March 23, 2018

LMSD Recognizes the District's "Parents of the Year"

LMSD Parents of the Year 2017-2018
In their regularly scheduled board meeting on Thursday, March 23,  Trustees of the Louisville
Municipal School District recognized each school's Parent of the Year and the District Parent of the Year. Parents recognized for their work and involvement in their schools included:
Rachel Lyons   - Fair Elementary
Romeka Smith       - Louisville Elementary
Katie Ainsworth   - Eiland Middle School
Tracy Fairley  - Louisville High
Christie Stokes     - Nanih Waiya
Ashley Stone - Noxapater

Katie Ainsworth was also selected as the District Parent of the Year. 
Shirley Barnett accepts award for Ashley Stone - Noxapater Parent of Year

Christie Stokes - Nanih Waiya Parent of Year

Rachel Lyons - Fair Elementary Parent of 

Romeka Smith - Louisville Elementary Parent of Year

Tracy Fairley - LHS Parent of Year

Katie Ainsworth - Eiland Middle School Parent of Year

Katie Ainsworth accepts award as LMSD  District Parent of the Year