Tuesday, May 15, 2018

LMSD Recognizes Academic Excellence

In Monday night's board meeting of the Louisville Municipal School District's Trustees, the valedictorians, salutatorians and star students and teachers from each high school were recognized. These students represent the highest level of academic success and effort across the district:

  • Noxapater: Valedictorian/Star Student - Yolanda Cooper, Salutatorian Makayla Jordan (not shown) and Star Teacher Jodi Duran

Noxapater Valedictorian & Star Student Yolanda Cooper
with Star Teacher Jodi Duran

  • Nanih Waiya: Valedictorian Kayle Reynolds, Salutatorian Ashley Higginbotham, Star Student Jared Kemp, Star Teacher Bill White
NW Salutatorian Ashley Higginbotham
NW Star Student Jared Kemp, Star Teacher
Bill White

NW Valedictorian Kayle Reynolds

  • Louisville High School: Valedictorian & Star Student Michele Hopkins, Salutatorian Nyshae Haynes, Star Teacher Dr. Lisa McMillin

LHS Salutatorian Nyshae Haynes, Valedictorian Michele Hopkins, Star Teacher Dr. Lisa McMillin
STAR Teachers - Noxapater - Jodi Duran, LHS - Dr. Lisa McMillin, Nanih Waiya - Bill White