Friday, May 4, 2018

Master Gardener's Yard of the Month

Four Years Later

Fool me once shame on you - fool me twice shame on me. Judy Wilkes and her husband, James will not be fooled twice. I visited them on April 28, 2018, which was 4 years to the day that Mother Nature fooled them. They thought they were safe, Yet Mother Nature had the upper hand and destroyed everything they had. This fateful day destroyed many dreams for many people, but most of us have moved on and come out on the other side.
The Wilkes now live in a beautifully rebuilt home with a yard to be proud of.  In the yard, camouflaged to look like a brick playhouse sits a storm shelter. Judy and James will not be fooled twice. They are ready if Mother Nature swoops down again.

Their new home at 209 Wood St. is a sight to behold. The front yard is neat, manicured, and lovely, yet the backyard is a gardener's haven. There are numerous sitting areas and an expanse of beautiful plantings in pots, hanging baskets and flower beds. These plantings include a wide variety of flowers, shrubs, and ground covers.

There are red roses, salvia, and geraniums. The pinks are seen in begonias and verbena. Pansies of yellow and purple are still thriving in containers. Purple is also seen in the vinca and iris.

Take a drive to meet James and Judy. They will be happy to have you. Be sure to stroll around the backyard to see the new storm shelter. Mother Nature is unpredictable, but the Wilkes will be ready the next time.

The Master Gardener's of Winston County would love for you to come to our annual plant sale during the Red Hills Festival on May 26th. There will be indoor and outdoor plants for sale.

Submitted by: Diana Northcutt