Saturday, May 12, 2018

Residents Should Remain Vigilante Against Thefts

Winston County Sheriff Jason Pugh urges local residents to remain vigilante concerning recent lawn mower and ATV thefts in the county. There have been no reports in the last few days after a rash of thefts of zero turn mowers and ATV’s across the county in April.

Pugh noted that these thefts appeared to be organized and there are indications that the perpetrators have simply moved to other areas of the state. Similar thefts have occurred in Newton and now most recently in neighboring Leake County.

“There’s no guarantee that they won’t return to our communities at some point”, said Pugh. Residents should take reasonable precautions and report any suspicious activity or vehicles to the sheriff’s department.”

“Residents should store their equipment behind locked doors if possible. If that’s not possible, mowers and ATV’s should be kept out of sight from public view, keys should be removed and consider a chain and padlock.

Law enforcement across several counties are cooperating in the investigations.