Thursday, July 26, 2018

Back to Back National NAACP Scholarship Winners

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L to R: Asia Eichelberger                          Montana Eichelberger

Sisters Montana and Asia Eichelberger are back to back winners of the National NAACP Agnes Jackson Jones Scholarships which was announced at the National NAACP Convention in San Antonio, TX, July 18, 2018. Montana graduated from Louisville High School (LHS) May 2016 as an honor student. She presently attends University of Southern Mississippi-Hattiesburg (USM) as a 2nd Semester Junior majoring in psychology. She has been a Resident Assistant (RA) for her dormitory for two years. She has maintained her honor roll status and pledged Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. (AKA) this past school year. Asia Eichelberger graduated from LHS as an honor student May 2017. She entered the University of Mississippi-Oxford in September 2017 to pursue a degree in Business Management. She is a 2nd Semester Sophomore honor student. Montana and Asia won the Agnes Jackson Jones Scholarships in 2017 also. They are the daughters of Paul and Rita Jackson-Eichelberger. They are granddaughters of Johnny Kay Jackson and the late Betsy Ann Eichelberger.

The NAACP offers yearly: 1) The Agnes Jackson Jones Scholarship – Maximum amount $2,000.
2) The Hubertus W. V. Williams Scholarship for Male Students majoring in Engineering, Chemistry, Physics or Mathematical Sciences – Maximum about $3,000. Students must be a member of the NAACP with yearly dues $10. or $15. with the Crisis Magazine.

For details on applying for these scholarships, please contact Charles Hampton, 662.803-0635 or Elmetra Patterson, 510.672-2106

Submitted by: Elmetra Patterson