Friday, August 24, 2018

New Developments in January's Burnside Murder Investigation

Darrell Burnside - Charged w Capital Murder in Texas
The investigation of a January 2018 murder in Winston County continues as new developments arise. The death of Carolyn Burnside in her home near Noxapater was shocking to the community. The Winston County Sheriff's Department and investigators from the Mississippi Highway Patrol (MHP) continue their investigations as one of their primary persons of interest was arrested earlier this week in Lake Charles, Louisiana and charged with capital murder in the death of yet another person of interest in the Winston County  homicide.

Darrell Burnside, the spouse of the Winston County victim was taken into custody on Wednesday and is awaiting extradition to Houston, Texas in the April death of twenty five year old Ashley George of the Houston area. George's body was found in Clear Lake Park near the Johnson Space Center. She died of stab wounds.

Darrell Burnside and Ashley George almost immediately became suspects in the Winston County case. Burnside and George had an ongoing relationship prior to his wife's death.

The Winston County Sheriff's office  and investigators from MHP have traveled to Houston and
Burnside Home near Noxapater
Louisiana to interview both Burnside and George over the past several months. Sheriff Jason Pugh believes that it is possible that the death of Ashley George may be a direct result of her involvement in the Winston County case. Pugh noted that at  the time of his arrest, Darrell Burnside was out on bond on a firearm possession charge resulting from a search of his property in Louisiana. Pugh plans to interview Burnside again after his extradition to Houston.

"This has been a long ongoing investigation that required the cooperation of a number of law enforcement agencies including MHP, Louisiana State Police, the homicide division of the Houston Police Department, Lake Charles, Louisiana Police Department, Texas Rangers and the Brookhaven Police Department among others."

Pugh expressed his sympathy to the family of Carolyn Burnside and says the investigation will continue and expects these developments to move the case forward.