Wednesday, August 22, 2018

PSC's Presly Asks for Public"s Assistance in Improving Cell and Internet Service Across the Area

Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley was in Winston County on Tuesday evening asking
for the public's assistance in improving cell phone and internet service - not only across Winston County but also across the state of Mississippi. 

Presley believes that inaccurate reporting to the FCC from cell phone carriers across the state have painted a much rosier picture of service than actually exists. Presley was in Louisville to promote and ask for the public's help in gathering data in areas across the county where service is not up to par.

Presley noted that a cell phone app is available to gather information concerning service, coverage and speed. To gather sufficient information to encourage the FCC to promote better service, Presley is asking the public to contact his office, download the app, run speed tests through the app to gather information and transmit the data to the PSC for analysis. The final date for test results is November 30.

To participate, the user must do the following:

Contact the PSC by email to be included at
Include your name, physical address, email and cell phone # and indicate that you wish to participate in the FCC Speed test.

Download the app from either: 


Once downloaded, to use the app - turn off WiFi if applicable, agree to terms of service, tap "Run Now" and select "All" for type of run.

Pick an area where you have concerns about your service and run a test while remaining at one location (do not use in a moving vehicle). This usually takes only a few seconds.

The app stores the data for later download. Take tests over a period of time and download on a weekly basis to the PSC.

To download- find the menu (usually -upper righthand corner and click export results. Send by email to: on a weekly basis or as possible.

Presley believes the additional information provided by the public along with data gathered by his office could prompt the FCC to take action to improve service in our area. he noted that there was some issues with the IPhone app but expected it to be corrected in the next few days.

As a public service, Winston WebNews will have copies of full instructions available at our office beginning Thursday, August, 23. We are located at 874 S. Columbus Avenue next door to Louisville Utilities.

Presley also discussed rural internet service across the state. Noting that Mississippi ranked 49th of the states with internet access connectivity, Presley believes that the lack of service is one of the most serious issues our state faces, affecting our children, jobs and role in the modern economy.

A bill is in the works for the 2019 legislative session that will allow local electrical cooperatives to provide internet services. Currently cooperatives are prevented by state law from proving additional services. Presley is encouraging the public to contact their state legislators and local electrical cooperatives in favor of this bill.