Thursday, August 30, 2018

Winston County Master Gardeners September Yard of the Month

By September most gardeners have had it...had it with the constant watering, had it with never ending dead heading and had it with bugs that seem to have a new found interest in plant eating! But not so Hattie Harris, our Winston County Master Gardeners September Yard of the Month. Although Miss Hattie says her yard does not look like it did in June, it is hard to believe that it could have been any prettier than it is right now.

Everywhere you look in this yard, there are vignettes containing places to sit and bright flowers upon which to gaze. From giant butterflies to peaceful statuary, always accompanied by beautiful flowers, this is a yard that reflects the love Miss Hattie has not only for flowers, but for color and composition as well.
Miss Hattie, who lives at 187 Birmingham Street in Louisville, mostly gardens in containers because she finds them easier to handle and to maintain. She uses an assortment of plants with varying growing habits..from cascading to upright to sprawling. She starts her pots by the end of March and loves to put several varieties and colors of sun loving plants in the same pot. Among her favorite plants to use together are vincas (she especially loves the reds ),begonias, petunias (her favorites) zinnias, and marigolds. Her backyard is carpeted with beautiful and cool St. Augustine grass anchored by crepe myrtles and more pots of hot pink vincas. The tornado did much damage to her back yard and she has not yet gotten it back to her high standards, though to this observer it is quite lovely.
"I love flowers so much, I would eat them if I could", says Miss Hattie. I believe her! Her flowers do indeed look good enough to eat..especially the hard candy colored reds and hot pinks. Stop by... see for yourselves!

Submitted by: Rebecca Byrd Gravett