Saturday, September 1, 2018

Annual Christmas Concert 'On-Hold' For One-Year

The Red Hills Arts Foundation has announced that it will not produce the annual “Home for Christmas” concert this year due to the renovations that are underway at the historic Strand Theater in downtown Louisville. RHAF has produced the show for more than 20 years. Grammy Award winning Winston County Native Carl
Jackson along with many of his superb artists and friends have headlined the event.
In making the announcement, RHAF President Mary Snow said, “This was a really bittersweet and difficult decision by our board. It will be hard for many of us to feel like it is Christmas in Louisville without attending the concert. But the fact that work has begun on renovating the theater is a milestone RHAF has been striving to reach for years. We are elated. Have no fear — we will have the concert in 2019! And we hope it will be in the Strand,” Snow said.

RHAF Executive Director Giles Ward said, “Last year the concert was staged at a temporary location. It is hard to describe the complexity of the technical logistics associated with producing this concert. Having it somewhere other than in the theater proved challenging resulting in the decision to have a one-year sabbatical.”

In 2017, the City of Louisville acquired the theater from RHAF and announced the city’s plan to develop the building into an arts center. Mayor Will Hill said at the time that, after completion, few cities the size of Louisville would be able to boast of providing their citizens, children and youth exposure to the arts in a fully dedicated arts center. Although the time line for completion will be greatly affected by future funding, the first stage was begun in June.

Red Hills Art Foundation is a tax exempt, all volunteer organization dedicated to preserving the
historic Strand Theater.