Monday, September 24, 2018

Believe It Or Not!!

This 42 pound, two foot long, 39 inches round watermelon took up residence in the weeds and grass of Lemoyne and Florence Young's back yard.

During the summer a small watermelon vine was discovered growing in the outer weeds at the edge of our backyard. Evidently a seed germinated as a result of us throwing watermelon rinds in the area. We paid little attention to it and as the summer days came and went the watermelon grew and grew. As it grew the weeds grew along with it, protecting it from animals as raccoons, birds and deer.

Often I would walk out in the back yard to take a peek at our little greenery visitor. On my last peek I concluded it was time to pluck it, because deer and other animals had started to invade the area. I fetched a rake to push back the grass and weeds so I could pluck the watermelon. Well I was amazed to see the size it had grown, a BIG whopping 42 pounds! Because it was hidden in weeds, its overall appearance was not visible, only the top. I called my daughter and had her come over and help me bring it in the house. Once we got the watermelon inside, we weighed and measured it. As of today it sits as a centerpiece on our kitchen table. Eventually, our big greenery visitor will be devoured by family members.

Submitted by: Florence Young
Pictures by: Winston Web News